• I totally agree with your analysys , but how to convert china ? especially if a war starts with russia , china is in with them

    • I have no idea of how to convert China.  But is that a requirement?  I don't think so.  As for China being a Russian ally, I doubt that too.  I recall back in the 60'-70's their armies were shooting at each other over disputed territory in the Amur/Ussuri rivers area.  But then, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend...?  Maybe.  The main thing for us right now, as I see it, is for the USA to stay out of any Russia/Ukraine dispute for the simple reason that the American people simply have no interests there.  The outcome either way means nothing to us, other than what damage might result from the meddling of our crooks in DC.  As citizens, we need to turn our attention to anyone in our government aiding the Great Reset and make sure their career there comes to an end.

  • The U.S. has approx. 900 military installations outside the U.S.   Russia has 4.   YOU tell ME who the real aggressor is.   OH, I forgot; we just absolutely MUST spread Democracy ....... even at the price of forcing the whole world to think like we do.

    • Putin and his oligartchs are gangsters sans the communism, which the Russian people have already rejected.  They have nothing with which to wrap themselves in except violent repression.  The Russian government consists of gangster oligarchs pure and simple and they, just like Putin are all riding on a tiger.  They invaded Ukraine so as to remain in power, to secure their position.  Freedom in Ukraine is a direct threat to Putin and his hooligans.  A Ukraine allied to and moving closer to the EU is a threat to dictators and fascists on their doorstep. 

      The globalists who have stolen America have helped incite this war in Ukraine.  They are eyeing the Russian markets and the Russian oligarch's wealth.  With the help of our government under Obama and Biden, they have made the Ukraine one of the world's most corrupt governments and the Ukrainian people some of the poorest in all of Europe.  Now the Russians are killing those people in an attempt to unseat the Kiev government inorder to preserve their own corrupt and fascist government.

    • You need to be careful Lopez, I agree again.
      The end game is for a few to own the entire world's wealth! Always asked how in a country that is extremely poor, has been depleted and beaten by their military embitions, can there be such incredible wealth in the hands of a few, while the rest are living in crap?

    • The oligarchs and politcal rulers steal everything.  Ukraine has loads of gas and oil and all sorts of mineral welath both developed and undeveloped.  I 'll see, if I can't put together some sort of post for tomorrow.

    • You can also add George Soros in front of Obama and Biden.


    • You bet and that dirt bag is as cynical as they come.  He knows exactly what he's doing.

    • .......and with our 900 instillations, we are responding to all sorts of natural disasters, we are always first to deliver aid and medicine. Also, those instillations always ready, keeps the bad guys in check and kept relative peace over most of the world. The problem isn't the instillations we have it's the useless wars our leadership gets us into that is a problem. If we let Putin take over Ukrain, it's only a matter of time until Putin goes into other European countries and does the same, then China will do the same in Asia.....and then the two will unite to do the same to America. You better think clearly and figure out who's side you are on because this can turn into the final war on this earth! It's easy to sit in you4 comfy chair and form opinions about things most Americans haven't the first clue about. Walk in he shoes of the Ukrainians for one day. No, I'm not for sending in American troops to fight on the ground....not at all, but I sure do think NATO must provide air support and end this before it turns into something that we'll have to actively fight for years....... like WWII.....with halfwi at the helm!

    • ADMIN

      Ukraine is not a member of NATO so there is no duty to provide them with air support. If, by air support, you mean close the air space then that would require NATO to shoot down any planes entering the space - which would be an act of war.

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