• I see the ‘government’ of the USA is putting together an aid package for the Ukrainians. Which Ukrainians would that be?

    Obviously it won’t go to the Putin backed Communists in the east so it will it have to go to the Soros backed Fascists in the west. Or by some quirk of fate, it could wind up in the hands of the banksters that have specialized in money laundering and providing the Biden family with the millions of dollars necessary to support the lavish lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed.

    I heard a novel idea this morning. What if we sent that money to the American citizens that are now paying double at the gas pump and the grocery store? We could even send some of that money to the people that lost their jobs via the illegal “Mask Mandate” by this illegal president. Another possibility might be to send some of it to the victims of theft, violence and, murder by the ‘Bidenistas’ pouring through our open southern border.

    Although it would be the right thing to do, the very concept of putting America first is positively repulsive to this democrat regime.

  • Well, it’s been over a week since the Russian military rolled into Eastern Ukraine, but don't allow yourself to become confused.  This invasion is more about western globalists gobbling up Ukranian oligarch's wealth than imperialistic Russian aggression.  Putin and his Oligarch's Russia are fighting for their nation's survival as well as their own lives.  This isn't any militaristic adventure. 

    In the last two years we've watched as the Globalists employed a pandemic and a fraudulent election to stage a coup in America.  Today the Globalists are being forced abandon their efforts to steal the wealth of the Ukranian oligarchs, which they themselves helped to create and then supported.  Hang on.  This is just beginning to get good.  Stay with me.  I don't have any inteligence agencies on the ground in Ukraine, but I do have informed opinion, which I am going to share in hopes of helping others identify what the real issues are.  From Putin's perspective, Russia has no choice.  This is all about survival for him and his Russia.

    What is currently happening in the Ukraine is a direct result of what happened under Obama in 2014 when anti Russian forces were assisted by the Obama Administration in overthrowing a pro Putin President Yanukovych.  The so called “Revolution of dignity” was just another Globalist operation to collapse stability in a vulnerable nation even while swooping in & taking advantage of the chaos for unconscionable profit.

    Of course, Yanukovych was a Putin ally, maybe even a puppet, but he was also duly and legally elected, whereas, the Maidan Revolution with all its skull dugery had the globalist's fingerprints all over it.  Klaus Schwab’s “Young Leaders” as well as George Soros’ "Open Society" were studiously facilitating the Ukraine's slide into chaos as they mercilessly looted Ukraine riches and resources even while assuring the world they were there to help the Ukrainians.

    This same World Economic Forum is now recognized as a Fourth Reich and that is not hyperbole. National Socialism is corporatism.  The professed goals and aspirations of the WEF are indistinguishable from the policies of Hitler’s Third Reich, identical actual.  Soros’ Open Society Foundation in the Ukraine has come closest to achieving his warped & twisted dream for a “World without Borders.”  That would be a world where the globalists can rape and pillage at will, ad infinitum simply because they control all the nation’s apparatus of State just as they now do here in the United States.  Maybe you've noticed?

    Once the globalists took control of the Ukraine, got their populist pupet installed, they invited all of their globalists friends to partake in the looting.  It was all done, to hear western media tell it by virtue of some moral authority, which promised to guide the Ukrainian people to a better future.  When you control the corporate media as the globalists in the  west most certainly do, you can make it say anything you please as it is the only voice.  There is no way for anyone to refute your claims.  The Ukrainian people continue to struggle today just to stay alive, to feed  themselves, but of course no one pays any attention to them.  What for them was once difficult enough under the best of conditions has become ever so much more difficult in war time conditions.

    Those invited to participate in the looting of the Ukraine state were all Democrats of course and other US, globalist billionaires.  When the US tax payers ( read congress) sent eight billion dollars to the Ukraine as aid it was immediately stolen by the Obama selected oligarchs.  The Obama Democrats would then receive lucrative kickbacks laundered through real estate deals in the US.  Everyone from Hillary and her State department officials to the Biden family and friends were getting well on the corruption.  The Ukranian people for whom the aid was meant never saw a dime.  They were left to suffer and perservere as best they could.

    Under a Hillary Presidency we might have expected a continued level of corruption describing a monumental wealth transfer from middle class Americans straight into the pockets of Democratic Administration officials, globalists and the pupet Ukrainian officials and oligarchs.  Instead, it all came to a screeching halt, which flipped over all of their money laundering tables in the 2016 when Donald Trump won the election.  Maybe this will help put into perspective the single minded determination of the government cabal to destroy Trump?  As soon as they realized Trump was about to uncover the nature and scope of their decidedly criminal activities, their political "Back up" and political protection in congress immediately began impeachment proceedings.  Trump was neutralized.

    Fast forward into real time now and most of Putin’s military objectives have already been achieved.  In another week to ten days he will have achieved all his objectives.  It is unmistakable that it is in Putin's own personal interests, as well as in the interests of the Russian oligarchs to whom he owes his very own continued existence and to Russia's national interests under these same oligarchs to reassert control over the ports and the Ukrainian government as well as regaining control of the two border regions.  Did anyone ever seriously allow for Russian acceptance of Ukrainian entry into either NATO, or the EU?

    The globalists saw Russia on a back foot as an opportunity to destablize and take control of Ukraine and make no mistake about it, to then use the Ukraine as a spring board into Russia itself.  The World Economic Forum uses "Brown Shirts" (see: Soros funded and organized BLM and ANTIFA) to enforce their corporatist policies.  It's one thing to keep the western public in the dark, their public opinion misdirected.  It's quite another to pull the wool over Putin's eyes.  Power is what Putin does for a living and, if and when he doesn't do a good job he can expect to be dead, fast.

    Putin has been complaining & threatening action against the increasing globalist influence on his border since 2014 and has been studiously ignored by the entire western establishment.  COVID-19 which is now linked directly to the US National Institute of Health (Fauci & Collins) has Bio Weapon Labs located in Ukraine, which Putin demanded be removed.  Putin isn't part of any great global reset plan and he knows it, which is more than can be said for the great majority of the American public.  Putin appears to have tried everything reasonable diplomatically to get his concerns addressed and has been rebuffed at every turn. 

    As with Donald Trump, the Globalists correctly view Putin as an impediment to their New  World Order, but rather than ceeding Russia ( as well as his own life ) to the globalists, Putin decided to act.  He decided on taking the inniative and acting to stabilize a corrupt and criminally run county on it’s border, a neighboring state, which had risen to the level of a genuine security threat largely due to foreign influences and globalist driven agendas.  Just imagine, if only an American president would do the same to stabilize Mexico on our own southern border.
    The American people have just rolled over as everything that was theirs has been stolen from them over the last 32 years to include their country and right from under their very feet.  Putin is a Russian gangster as are the oligarchs who support him, but they aren't stupid and they aren't soft either and I don't think they will be bending over for the globalist soy boys from Silicone Valley.  They've eyeballed Wall Street bankers before.  Today they have stolen the inniative from the likes of Soros and Biden and he is now taking control of the Ukraine.  They won't be giving up their country for any internet video games.  It's one hell of a situation we find ourselves in when the only thing standing between us and these wolves we call globalists, Democrats and Republicans happens to be a Russian gangster and communist.  As for the poor Ukranians dieing in defense of a corrupt government that was stealing their future, they remind me of the betrayal of our own America's soldiers who died and suffered needlessly across the middle east and into Afghanistan to defend other people's corrupt business interests and sorted misunderstandings.
    • I agree with 98% of what you have outlined here and see that you are educated in the history of the Ukrainian movements of the 1940's to come to some of your conclusions. However, there is something more fundamental here than what you bring to the front of everyone's attention. My point is this, every country has a right to self determination, weather that determination is corrupt or not is up to the electorate of that nation. In other words "you get what you elect" or overthrow. Weather Ukraine was leaning into “Nazism” or westernization or communism is not a question for other countries to come to a conclusion to intervene in the outcome. If this were accepted by the world we would have invaded Mexico long ago. This was and is an internal fight between nationalist and communist and the others are caught in the middle. For a another country to intervene militarily is abhorrent to other countries including our own and cannot be tolerated nor accepted. If we were to us the excuse Putin has made for his invasion, Poland would have had a better right to invade Ukraine than Russia. But they did not. And Russia has no excuse for what they have done to the Innocent lives of the woman and children of that country. And the western NATO countries had no right in making promises they were not going to keep. I fear they have brought us closer to nuclear apocalypse with there actions.


    • I don't make arguement with your right to self determination, or anyone elses.  Now don't you argue with geography, geo political reality and power politics.  Your assertion that every country has a right to self determination assumes some social contract and more, some guaranteed, international, social contract.  There is none.  If Ukraine wanted to assure itself of freedom and independence it made a huge misjudgment when it allowed itself to get snookered into relinquishing its nuclear arsenal on an America promise.  Ukranian corruption went the wrong way on that pic pal.

      Did Ukranian get what it elected when Obama's CIA and Hillary's State department and Soros et all destablized the last, duly elected pro Russian premier who went off running to Moscow for sanctuary?  Or is it only self determination when they are going the globalist's way?  Heads up.  Russia doesn't need an excuse.  It has a reason (regime preservation) and the means ( the world's second largest army).  In the words of  baseball's immortal Yoggi Berra, Ukraines corrupt officials and oligarchs "...Made too many wrong mistakes."  

      Poland doesn't need to invade the Ukranian to survive.  That's an idiotic, false comparsion made for purely sophic reasons.  The world doesn't accept Putin's invasion of Ukranian, but he does it anyway.  When the US invaded Panama and the Cayman Islands the world didn't approve, but we did it anyway.  If Trump had the balls, or daring, or intrepidness to invade Mexico, America would be the better for a secure border today.  He didn't because he's a feckless coward who doesn't understand what he is doing and because the globalists want Mexico to continue destablizing America.  So Mexico is another false comparsion, mindless and stupid.

      How about a Russian proverb to close it all out?  I've gone around and around with you before.  "Eat bread and salt and speak the truth."  If you want to carry water for Democrats and globalists that's your right, but don't come around here with a basket full of horseshit and make believe your giving away free bread.  The corrupt Ukranian officials and oligarchs forgot who, what and where they were for some fast front end money and a promise.  You can't expect to make those kinds of mistakes next door to Russia and come up smelling like roses.

    • You stated "Your assertion that every country has a right to self determination assumes some social contract and more, some guaranteed, international, social contract. There is none."Well as an American my social contract is called a constitution with a bill of rights. The world has one called the UN charter, which you obviously have not read. Seeing this agreement rest of the world in that light even a fledgling democracies even if its corrupt. And I think allot of people believed in the Ukrainians giving up those Nukes was a good thing. Maybe not for them but the rest of the world.

      I say a country what ever it does in its own border is its own business. If the people being jerked about by some foreign power gets hosed, oh well there bad! I agree the oligarchs and politicians made mistakes, but there, their mistakes to make. The argument that he needed to invade Ukraine to survive is a load of crap. Russia made a defense pact with China, and several other nations. I think that's quit sufficient in the amount of nuclear power don't you? And about Panama, the election tally for president showed their candidate, Guillermo Endara, defeating Carlos Duque candidate of a pro-Noriega coalition, by nearly 3–1. After a couple attempts by his own government to depose Noriega. On December 15, the Panamanian general assembly passed a resolution declaring that a state of war existed between Panama and the United States. After witch one of our service members was killed by the PDF. That was the reason for the invasion. Also, if you mean the Cayman Island of Granada, the United states was asked by the President of Granada to assist in removing Cuban soldiers that were occupying there island. As for Trump, he had his hands tied behind his back because of all the rhino traitors in DC that worked against him on the wall and he did have a great policy with Mexico on returning deportees and you should now that since your all that edumacated, there problems with drug lords don't destabilize our country it destabilizes theirs. And I only used it as a comparison so that your puny mind would understand it, call me Kamala if you wont! And frankly, I don't carry water for anyone and I don't talk shit. I hate commie democrats, and cant tolerate globalist unless we are in charge of the globalization. And since I am an American and don't know Russian proverbs like you, I will part this conversation with an all American saying. Eat shit and die! Rusky.

    • You quote me out of context and with absolutely no understanding content to share your opinion and make argument and still you're wrong.  I am trying to figure out what it is you're trying to say.  That's because your opinion is based on sheer ignorance and absurd idealism.  Ukraine is a buffer state between east and west.  Reality demands a buffer state on the doorstep of the Russian bear is totally at odds with your curious and quaint notions.  An unarmed person does not provoke a confrontation with a bear no matter what beliefs he may hold.  The more I read the more confusing, uninformed and ignorant you sound.

      As a point of fact, even the social contract, which you cite, the US constitution, Bill of Rights et all has turned to dust.  It is a dated, antiquated concept of a contractual arrangment between the private citizen and the state, which for all practical purposes no longer exists.  It has already been taken away from you.  America has ceased to exist.  The globalists stole it some 32 years ago when you were asleep.  And, as, if they intended to prove it even to people such as yourself, too dense to allow gama rays to penetrate they just removed the President you elected from office and installed a demented joke in his place.  Evidently, you didn't get the memo.  So much for your state of mind and the opinions, which emanate from it. 

      The UN charter is nothing more than horse manure smeared across a piece of parchment.  It guarantees nothing, defends and protects nothing.  Unlike you, I don't need to read worhtless statements to know enough to stay safely out of traffic.  Like the League of Nations before it, such charters and statements by international bureaucrats have no meaning when Russian tanks roll and, or borders such as our own remain undefended and wide open.  It appears you don't even know what the working definitions are.  Where was the world and your UN charter when China invaded Tibet?  One is left to wonder about the meaning of self determination.  I'd have to guess you just never bothered to "Game" that one out.  Huh?

      So here are talking about what, according to you a lot of people once believed and in fact still believe, but oddly somehow history informs us those very same beliefs didn't stop WW 1.  Nor did they deter Nazi aggression.  No, wrong, they didn't prevent WW 2.  They also failed to deter N Korean aggression and what you claim to be the social contract in full force and effect won't be sufficient to bring back any of the Ukranian dead either.  You don't agree with Putin about how to protect his regime.  You claim it's "A load of crap."  But then he doesn't care what you may think and you think it was a good thing the Ukraine gave up the weapons that would have prevented this form happening.  I'll bet a lot of Ukranians happen to disagree with you tonight as they wonder when it may become safe enough again so that they may be able to bury their dead. 

      It's clear you have no idea what you're talking about.  Russia and China's pact and nuclear strengths has nothing whatsoever to do with destablizing globalist forces on Russia's border.  But who is more foolish me, or the jack ass to whom I attempt to speak to regarding the carrying capacity of my barn.  Yes, oligarchs and politicians are free to make all sorts of mistakes, just as you are free to be as stupid as you please, but the casualities are the dead and wounded that result from those mistakes.  Panama and Granda were wars we chose for reasons other than the pablum you digest only to be too happy to regertitate.

      Trump failed according to you because he had his hands tied behind his back by the RINOs and still you're going to support him again.  I guess you idolize weak victims.  Got it.  Problem solved; for you that is.  As for some others of us myself included, I prefer the type of leader who doesn't allow his hands to be tied behind his back.  I don't go for all that kinky stuff and role playing.   And some more, you claim the cartels aren't destabilizing America, they are destablizing Mexico.  You couldn't be more wrong, but the real question is whether or not you could possibly be any stupider.  The cartels are Mexico, they control the government federal and all the states, lock stock and barrel and oh hey, psst, the cartels do most certainly destablize the US.  Maybe you've heard of our drug problem, human trafficing.  Perhaps you should have lunch with any of the border states' governors/

      The observations I made weren't arguments.  My observations were reflections of clear reality that powerful men who hold sway over the lives of tens of thousands of people use when making their decisions, which will effect those lives profoundly.  You are really just too dense, uneducated and illiterate to understand, or appreciate them.  I dare say, but then you don't have any respect for education.  I'm just guessing, but I'd imagine you're too ignorant to be a pig farmer.  By Gawd, you be an American and ain't never had no cause to read a book, or spoke no foreign language and don't know no fancy pants proverbs unless they come from the bible.  You say, "Eat shit and die," as, if to prove my point.

      And I'm sure the Ukranians huddle in a building block in Kiev as some Russian tank shells and machine guns the remnants of some army unit hiding and fighting from among the civilian population take great pride in knowing according to you they are doing what is best for the rest of the world, even, if it's not so good for them.  Oh, I suppose I could demonstrate I  am quite capable of being just as gross and uncouth as you.  I could drivel out some gutter profanity, but let's just leave at this.  You don't never say nothing to me to no more and I will very happily avoid any contact with the likes of you.  

    • For someone who doesn't want to talk to me you sure are long wended. To be an idealist is to be someone who can see the best in people and respect them for the aspirations and hopes they have. The only reason you don't understand what I am trying to say is because you are a cynical defeatist who no longer believes in the rule of law to include international law. Oh, and by the way what college of international studies did you attend to bring so much knowledge to this page? You have already given up on this country so why even worry about some other country you obviously could care less about?

      Oh, you can throw barbs at me all you want but all you have become is a old person who spews diatribes and insults because he hates himself for the person he has become. Correct me if I am wrong, but did I see you somewhere in the past serving in a place of power in this country to change anything that would have or could have changed things today? Didn't think so. I stared communism strait in the face while you boobed up and down on the water playing drop the soup with your buddies. While I lived along the boarder for half my life how close have you experienced the illegals running through your neighborhood? I bet, The only illegal you have meet is the one you hire to do your lawn. Oh, you should not slander pig farmer's there some of the smartest people I know. And for someone who thinks he's educated you should invest in a dictionary and a thesaurus. Maybe some composition classes will help to, by the way. The only reason I spouted profanity is because its the only thing your intellect can handle.


    • I'll try to be brief.  It's not so much that I don't want to talk to you as it is you prove yourself to be unworhty of the effort.  You say, "To be an idealist is to be someone who can see the best in people and respect them for the aspirations and hopes they have."  That's wrong, asinine actually.  I suggest you try using a dictionary to obtain a working definition of idealist.  What you never did was refute any of my arguments.  How could you?  First, you would have to understabd what I am talking about.  Then somehow, you have to add to it.

      You claim I am a cynical defeatist, but offer no supporting evidence.  That's what jerks and morons do.  Furthermore, you have no idea what I believe and what's more telling is you repeatedly demonstrate you don't have the capacity to understand what I believe.  Just because I have given up on morons like yourself, ill informed and naieve, dullards who are responsible for this country current state of affairs doesn't mean I have given up on this country.  

      I have never said I bring so much  knowledge to this page.  Those are your words defensive and pugilistic.   What I do bring to this page is a modicum of  intelligence, education, a life time of experience and a full measure of success in business matters as measured by the world's standards, which suffice to testify to all of the above.  You happen to be a clown, a rodeo clown better suite to a barrel than any rational explanation of world events.  I don't throw barbs at you.  Your reasoning and statements speak for themselves.  I speak for myself.  Your projections hardly rise to the level of psychology and for your information I am very content with who I am. 

      You ask me to correct you?  Shall we begin by saying "Long wended" is correctly spelled long winded.  Moving on with your crass, low class, jail house humor, "Drop the soup" is correctly spelled "Drop the soap."   And yes. I have served this country in many capacities to include holding public office and as a decorated combat sergeant with a purple heart with two clusters.  I had 14 and a 1/2 months in line outfits when a medical mishap sent me home.  You let illegals over run your neighborhood, you and your neighbors and you want to wear it as a badge of  honor, a regular CIB.  You were a sergeant yourself to hear you tell it.  Why didn't you and your rancer buddies set up a couple of ambushes?

      Once again, let's correct the record.  I never slandered pig farmers.  What I said was you are too stupid to be a pig farmer.  I don't care why you spout profanity, or anything else.  Your fore fathers took that land from the Mexicans and Indians.  You proved too soft and cowardly to hold it.  I'm imagining you don't deserve to have it. 


    • "I'll try to be brief....." - M-Slo

















      If only you would  be brief,

                                                 briefer still,

                                                                    and briefest to general satisfaction.

    • Important contribution.  However, don't be surprised if that "Russian gangster and communist" turns out to be rather more than you currently give him credit for.  As we move out of the false reaity of the Morality Play and into the golden Light of The Real Thing.  The crashing and clashing crescendo ot the Conclusion beginning to be heard. 

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