• does this mean that statuatory rape is no longer a criminal offense. nambla should rejoice at this then for it aids them in their campaign of being able to have sexual relations with anyone

  • The guidance counselor, Dr. Wong, and the passive-aggressive school board all deserve retirement in a small farm.

  • A child should not be made to do anything because she is incapable to make such a huge decision!  If my partner was pushing this kid or accomodating this child's silly wishes, I would grab her, and disappear with her - anything to save her from making an enormous mistake.

  • The courts are treating people like people are their adopted subjects, in a similar way as activist non-heterosexuals purchasing children from heterosexuals. The people running our society seem like out of that movie "Aliens" ... but I wonder how come this father didn't just move out of that area? (I would)

    • Maybe becase the school system wouldn't let him take his child out of the district

    • I agree with you, I would leave the country,  good luck in finding me in the Australian outback!

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