• God has supplied parents to raise and govern their children until they leave the nest... the end!

    This should be common sense for all mankind or else we will have an endless string of man-made laws. This is what happened to Israel which Jesus condemned! They had added unbelievable laws and even condemned the Son of GOD and his disciples!

  • This is what happens when the government tells parents how to raise their kids.  No discipine, no respect, no honor, no listening to parents, nothing but doing what the government says in raising your kids.  Very wrong. 

  • Reminiscent of Nazi "experiments". The "judge" is criminally insane!!

    To the father ... move away QUICKLY.

  • Why would any sane parent, especially a mother, want to do this to a child? A court has more authority than a parent?

  • This was reallly TOO painful to watch and hear!!  What in God's name is going on in this upside-down world?!?

  • The world is ripe for the antichrist!

  • Why would anyone in their right mind want to take what God made perfect and make it imperfect. Man is not God. The government should be held accountable for this travesty with this girl.

  • Just take her on a "One-Way" fishing trip where she forgets her life vest! She should be forced to live with the judge that makes this Commie Decision! Where the hell is Hunter??

  • No way.  If it was my kid and she was 14 years old, someone would die and it would not be me, the father.  It would be anyone in the Government telling me how to raise my own child.  Additionally, no one will ever tell us what we can say, he, she, boy, girl, male and female.  There are only two genders, male and female.  If someone cannot figure out which one they are, just call me.  I am not a doctor, but if you drop your pants I am sure I can tell which gender you are and be 100% correct.  

  • All these governments are in league with satan. Can't wait until they meet Christ!!!

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