• DC is legislating SECULARISM as America's National Religion to replace the Judeo-Christian Foundational Principles that inform every aspect of our lives! Millions & millions of Citizens have been working for over 200+years to establish "Justice for All" & enact "Judicial Reform"! The "Social Justice" idea just makes excuses for lawlessness & completely divides Citizens!  We must Stand Strong against the Government's push to establish Secularism & divisiness & SUPPRESS Free Speech & specifically SILENCE Christian voices & the work of millions of Citizens of every background to establish & preserve Freedoms for All! jk

  • Since the beginning of 2020, we have seen our rights as citizens of the USA disappearing at an alarming rate. In that time we’ve witnessed healthy people being quarantined, small businesses destroyed, record unemployment and various other unconstitutional restrictions placed on the individual. All of this was done in the name of a bogus pandemic that was manufactured for that very purpose.

    We have also seen first hand the outright theft of our electoral process. We’ve seen votes changed, the tabulating software manipulated, fraudulent ballots counted, and legal ballots destroyed. Both the Whitehouse and the Senate were seized in a communist style coup. The Democrats’ political machine controls the elections in every major US city. They were allowed to illegally change the voting laws and restrictions to facilitate this theft of our country. The Supreme Court has also been intimidated and threatened into total irrelevance.

    Now every day yet another of the freedoms that Americans have taken for granted is under attack. The 2nd amendment was meant to provide the citizen a means of defense against an out of control government. That is precisely why the Democrats are pushing so hard against it. The only gun violence that concerns them is what they might encounter in their attempt to take total control of your life. Freedom will last only as long as we are willing to fight for it. The tyrants that threaten us now will take everything we have and demand more.

    The things mentioned here are only a few of the many outrages that have been committed against “We The People”. The scale of the corruption in our government is so extensive it defies description. The “Go Along to Get Along” attitude of our complacent citizenry has been the primary contributor and enabler of this corruption.

     A very informative video:

    The Dumbing Down of America

    • You are so spot-on.


    • I'm amazed at America's acquiescence to civil obedience that we are currently witnessing. The Dumbing Down video explains this perfectly. The question becomes how do those of us who resist anti-authoritatian ideals use our voices to reach sheeple unaware that our freedom and liberties are eroding by the day?

  • The way America is crumbling I really believe Jesus will return soon

  • If a balloon gets poked when it’s full of air, or gets too much air when it’s blown up it burst. Many people have just about reached the point of getting enough bad air.

  • we defitnetly need courage and fortitude because it's going to get worse as the day goes by.

  • It feels bad and all of us good guys do not want this to happen... our faith in the common sense and good in mankind is being scratched at by sick fools... we do not want to hurt them... and we have extreme patience waiting for them to lighten up... and we pray for them to lighten up...

  • this is a weakness with humanity. the majority of whom are easily swayed by any message - even if it's a lie . just remember on palm sunday the crowd adored jesus ; a few days later they wanted him dead

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