• People are being murdered and no one in Govco cares. DC Gitmo is being run like little fat man in NKorea runs things. Four people killed on the 6th. Two that I know of were women. One in DC Gitmo is close to death due to his celiac disease and he is denied all medical treatment.

    Genocide is being carried out nationwide and no one is doing anything. Not one of our useless representatives is blowing the whistle on the money train following each "death by hospital."

    Military being decimated. Willfully.

    535 elected people sit in that house that is The People's House,...and not a damn one of them is getting those people out of Gitmo. They have been stripped of ALL RIGHTS.

    This is what the ☆nd A is for. This is what sheriff's are for.  This is what Common law Gand Juries are for.



    The republicans will win by default, not because they are organized or have a unified base, just because the liberals have botched their turn at running America so bad anyone could win against them! 

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