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Nearly 2 million unemployment claims filed in the state over the first three months of government-ordered business lockdowns have yet to be paid, an analysis of federal government statistics shows.

The brutal backlog is further evidence of the troubles plaguing the embattled state Employment Development Department, prompting the newly jobless to complain of an overwhelmed phone system and antiquated technology. The first-time claims have gone unfilled even as Gov. Gavin Newsom has promised reforms and increased staffing for the EDD.

“I have done just about everything I know how to do as a public official to make things work, but my colleagues, my staff, my constituents and I are at our wits’ end,” Assemblymember David Chiu, D-San Francisco, said in a tweet.

The backlog of unpaid claims has infuriated a growing number of jobless workers.

“I’m terribly disappointed. The EDD has let us down terribly,” said Rhonda Dias, a San Jose resident and daycare teacher. Dias was temporarily laid off and later returned to her job, but at reduced hours. “The website doesn’t work and you can’t get through on the phone. People have to pay their taxes. Then they can’t help us.”

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  • By the way, folks, in case any of you were not aware - -"gruesome newsome" is nutty nan pelosi's NEPHEW!!  She has thourougly educated him in her own image, don't you think?  He is just as marxist and evil as she is and just as determined to destroy the USA!  Time to TAKE THEM BOTH OUT of circulation, on a permanrnent basis.

    • Just more evidence of the New Age Aristocracy ... who lay claim by right of birth to immunity from our laws and too their political seats of power...

  • this happened in texas in march when everything was shut down. the unemployment offices were closed , even though essential services were supposed to stay open. the only way to get unemployment  was to call a number where you your wait was equivalent to the bataan death march . i hope all unemployment workers vote out all over paid under serving out of touch bought off perveerts

  • The only thing good the governor of California is  to make people sign and report to the government if they are going to church, and now you are not allowed to sing to the Lord, but it's ok for protesters to go out and destroy private property. We the People are letting this Socialist leaders control our life. Time to said no more. 

    • I would like to know how many feel the way you do.

    • Most people on this website feel the way he does.

  • Same thing in NY. My Grandson and his 2 room mates received nothing for 3 1/2 months. No one answered the phone. Complete incompetance. Their unemployment software is over 30 years old  and very unreliable. Again, another lib StateThey sure have $$$ for the sanctuary State illegals. 

    • Way too many people in demonrat states like California and New York but really all over the US are conditioned to receiving government handouts.

  • Let's face it. California is a failed and unsucessful state. What do they have to show for all their commie politics? NOTHING!!!!

  • Well...Kalifornia....welcome to your commie/socialist/marxist utopia....just sayin"

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