Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco reaffirmed his stance on not enforcing stringent stay-at-home orders, telling the Riverside County Board of Supervisors this week that he refuses to “make criminals out of business owners, single moms, and otherwise healthy individuals for exercising their constitutional rights.”

Eight weeks ago, officials, including Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) “participated in something never done before in our nation’s history,” Bianco began.

Government “ordered residents into their homes, closed their businesses, made them wear masks, forbid them from going to church, and eliminated constitutional freedoms put in place over 200 years ago,” he explained.

“In the name of a public health crisis, our civil liberties and constitutional protections were placed on hold,” he continued.

Officials, Bianco said, have asked a lot of residents over the last two months as part of a greater effort to flatten the curve and prevent hospitals from being completely overwhelmed by coronavirus patients.

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  • good for him

  • Police are a nessary part of sociieity and this Officer is one I have respect for!!!


    • agree

    • The term should be "necessary evil".

      I do agree that this is one of the few I have respect for.

    • it is purely evil.

  • There is, at least, 1 law enforcement officer that believes in protecting the constitution.  Considering how many accounts of police officers using massive force to enforce the unconstitutional orders of the governors it is refreshing to read about a cop that takes his oath seriously.

  • Sheriff's are elected officials.  They have more standing in their county than the FBI. 


    He is the ultimate defender of our Constitution.  Encourage him (them).

  • Thank God for Red Blooded Americans!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • even though I was not born here I just became an American citizen I feel like I am a Red Blooded Americans.

  • It could be a year till a vaccine is made ...... and when they make it, there's no way in Hell I'm gonna take it.  And I know President Trump will never mandate it.  I guess he'll just have to arrest this Governor.  Maybe we the people should go on a General Strike.

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