California Democrats in Orange County are demanding that the county’s John Wayne Airport be renamed and all likenesses of Wayne be removed from the airport, over “racist and bigoted statements” made by the American icon decades ago.

“The Democratic Party of Orange County condemns John Wayne’s racist and bigoted statements, and calls for John Waynes’ name and likeness to be removed from the Orange County airport, and calls on the OC Board of Supervisors to restore its original name: Orange County Airport,” the resolution, passed Friday, says.

The resolution, first reported by the Los Angeles Times, calls on the Orange County Board of Supervisors to reverse the 1979 decision to rename it after Duke, and cites remarks he made in a 1971 interview with Playboy.

“I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people,” he said in that interview nearly 50 years ago.

“I don’t feel guilty about the fact that five or 10 generations ago these people were slaves,” he said at another point in the interview.

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  • it's going to get worse as the day goes by.

    • Only, if the Pres. allows the left to continue disrupting the country with unlawful assembly and domestic terror... he can stop it if he chooses... Martial Law will put a sudden end to it just like it did in Minneapolis and DC when the National Guard showed up.  In addition, the MSM says Trump never sent the National Guard into Minneapolis that it was the governor.

  • Democrats go after another symbol just to pander to BLM. Here's the question: Dems have the governor and a supermajority in the Legislature. What have they done with all that power to address any of the actual grievances raised in these protests? Have they improved education for the majority of black people? No. Have they established programs to increase employment (other than at McDonalds and Burger King)? No. Have they taken steps to attract new businesses to expand the employment market? No. Dems prefer to go after symbols, and BLM and its adherents cheer. Rank hypocrisy

    • The left panders to the myths of political correctness and the promises of a utopian society... never intending to deliver any of it.  The MSM once held the political parties and governments of both party's feet to the fire... Now that the MSM  has crossed the line between journalism and propaganda to become the advocates for the Marxist movement in America there is no mainstream check or balance on the information most Americans use to make political decisions... Hence, the left runs the table with their fake news and the people are lead astray... following the pied piper into oblivion.

  • Anothr beautiful state of ours destroyed by Nihilistic Libholes.

  • Pandering idiots and fools!

  • Time to back off, and let them destroy themselves. No help to these traitors.

    • California is a lost cause. It is close to a failed state anyway. Look at their leftist communist policies that lead to a feeble economy and tremendous budget deficit. Now they want a bail-out from Trump, who shows how to run governement like a business and balance a budget in the long run. Bail-out? Ain't gonna happen, commies!

  • why don't we rename the cherry tree because George Washington cut one down!

  • STILL ARE SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME HASN'T CHANGED A THING!!!!!!

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