Some California airline workers are staying home on September 8 to protest vaccine mandates like the kind Universal Airlines has inflicted on its employees, and to rally for medical freedom in general as airlines drive the worldwide Coronavirus tyranny. Materials obtained by NATIONAL FILE state: “California Airline employees for Medical Freedom stay home SEPTEMBER 8th…California airline employees stay home…Employers need to see just how many employees support medical freedom…Remember this is not just about a vaccine…This is about MEDICAL FREEDOM & our right to make our own medical decisions.” The organizers want workers to “Take the day off” and show up at Freedom rallies. How many freedom lovers will end up participating in what organizers are calling a “Walk Out.”

Meanwhile, concerned citizen Lucas Wall, who is suing the Biden regime’s TSA agency has submitted a massive amount of information including 218 exhibits arguing for the unconstitutionality of mask mandates for passengers, which TSA is mandating at least until January.

As NATIONAL FILE REPORTED IN JUNE: 44-year old Washington, D.C. man Lucas Wall has filed a lawsuit against seven different airlines and a separate lawsuit against TSA challenging mask mandates on airplanes. Wall is suing the airlines Frontier, Spirit, Delta, JetBlue, Allegiant, Alaska and Southwest in Orlando, Florida’s U.S. District Court, seeking over $300,000 in damages. Wall struggles to breathe in masks due to his generalized anxiety disorder, according to the plaintiff.

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  • The question to ask would be, "What is it that Trained Professional Healthcare Workers, such as Nurses, know about Vaccines that would make them refuse the shot and walk away from their Carriers/Duties?" These are dedicated, highly trained, professional people, not given to influence of politics or media.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • They know iit's posion


  • Hope they all win

  • Good for them. Hope more people follow this example. 

  • This virus/death plan has been in the works for years.

    Check this out from 2010:

  • This vaccine death jab is a precursor to receiving the Mark of the Beast in order to buy food!!  FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS OR AMERICA WILL FALL!!

    • I too, believe its the mark of the beast... Johns Revelation is no joke!!!

  • The Fake Vaccine is a Death Jab pushed by the Deep State Globalists that want Depopulation. Medical Pros say those that get the Death Jab will be dead in 2 to 3 years and giving it to children is Child Sacrifice.


  • It is time to hurt these "Vaccine Nazis ".

    • AMEN  we must fight them anyway  we can . Long live our Conservative  US .

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