CAIR demands Biden 'defund' counterterror program

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The Council on American-Islamic Relations is urging President-elect Joe Biden to soften up on extremism in a new document on issues it hopes the new administration will address during its first 100 days.

It calls on Biden to "oppose and defund" a Homeland Security program aimed at preventing violent extremism and terrorism.

The Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention aims to defend against terror groups of all stripes, from ISIS to White supremacists, as well as school and workplace shootings, according to the DHS.

The document describes the government’s Terrorist Screening Database, a terror watchlist, as "unconstitutional." It demands the FBI stop using informants "to spy on American Muslim communities." And it asks Biden to reject "any new domestic terrorism statutes" in addition to closing Guantanamo Bay.

It also accuses the federal government of relying on "Alt-Right and Islamophobic online resources" that prevent Muslim Americans from getting hired to federal jobs.

The document not only criticizes the Trump administration, but also the actions of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush for "policies and programs that led to the discriminatory profiling and targeting of American Muslims by state and federal law enforcement."

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  • I didn't feel safe when Obama was attacking us either!!!.......This bunch is MUCH MORE dangerous though!!!

    • I am telling everyone if Biden won this election we better get our seat belt on because we're going for a long ride and that ride is not going to look good for both parties.

  • How in the world can we, the American people, allow a physically and mentally deficient proven thief and liar to
    become our President ???
    Joe Biden is and always has been a political hack and party bag man. No mistake, Biden is owned and controlled
    by China and others, but China is the Biden Boss! Anything else is actually smoke and mirrors.

    • Despair and depression causes passiveness. We figure we deserve it at the wrong time, when others want to abuse us.

      Instead, we need indignancy and even anger to inspire resolve.

  • In other words lawlessness will rule the day.

    • Van, lawlessness always intends so,  since it assumes rule of law does not specifically apply.

  • I demand CAIR to be listed as a terrorist organization, with the resulting consideration by Homeland Security, the FBI, and ICE.

  • this is sick.

  • 0bama put plenty of muslims in positions in These people need to be thrown out, like the Chyna agents. 

This reply was deleted.