• She should be removed from office due to her mental condition. This woman is absolutely bat shit crazy

  • The hope for the Democratic party is for the Antichrist to show up 

  • It's time for the MSM to show that Joe Biden is a liar and helped Hunter get the job in Ukraine.  The American people deserve the truth.

    Biden Refuses to Speak to Reporters About Alleged Meeting With Burisma Executive
    The Biden campaign called yet another press “lid” Wednesday morning following a bombshell report showing that former Vice President Joe Biden may hav…
  • Why is anyone surprised. What these scum of the earth have done to our President and his followers in the past 3-4 years would anyone think they give one wit about us. Will always be suspicious of the origins of this so called PANDEMIC. 

  • And to think this rich bitch has been getting paid through the last 7 months of covid-19 while the rest of us are still struggling. Firing squad is too good for this snake!

  • Pelosi should agree and help those who are hurting by the COVID-19 because taxpayers don't want the president to use their money to bail out state that don't know how to handle their state 

  • nutty nancy won't compromise on anything, she wants total power over everyone and everything.  she is a modern day Hitler, bat crap crazy and just as evil as satan!!!!!

    • You are so right. She is satan's pawn and needs to be removed.

    • I agree 100%. She's evil to the core

  • As per the picture, Pelosi should be living in the squaller these people are living in!!

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