• True, but a lot of people voted out of hate for Trump.


  • Did they listen at all to what was said during the campaign?  They couldn'g have.  All they care about is what they thought the Democrats would give them.  Bah what idiots.

  • I have known some that said they did not like the way Donald Trump speaks in public as President.

    As politely as I can, I tell them to pull their heads out. Eloquent speaking party machine officials have for decades been performing the Diplomats magic trick: telling listeners to not only eat their crap, but convincing them to like it.

    Trump did not do this. He spoke straight and acted more so. He called a spade a spade and actively interfered with the Deep State status quo. (this they did not like)

    He was elected as a business President, and excelled beyond his detractors denials, but also achieved in other areas. You don't get three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for being a do-nothing or know-nothing.

    Sadly, but hopefully, some Biden-voters are pulling their heads out, and are perhaps ready for its re-alignment. I hope and pray so.

    • My son and brother in law said the same thing. I just said "Results over personality" Trump was not a politician unlike the one who had Greek columns while giving a speech.

    • I thought it was 4 Nobel Peace Prize nominations. No, really to win the prize you have to be a fraud from a foreign country with a forged birth certificate and never accomplished anything in your life except for fooling millions of people.

    • Michael, President Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize , but never really received them, did he?


    • More than one nomination, guy. But for some, I guess an award nomination, like for an Academy Award nomination, does not signify unless it is a win. The competitve slant is all encompassing.

      What can I say?

    • Who would want to be in the same class as oblowzo the kenyan klown. President Trump way above that shit pile.

    • Exactly!

    • The Nobel Society is a joke. In 1994 Yasser Arafat (the worlds leading terroist) won the Nobel Peace prize. So Trump not winning the peace prize is a good thing far as I'm concerned

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