• Grocery shopping late afternoon today, shows people are stocking up. Crowded, some empty low areas in storable items. They couldn't have all been Patriots. Gas lines at Krogers.

    • very interesting

  • Any that voted for Biden had plenty of notice as to what he was going to do. Those of us that fought so hard with President Trump to get anything for America, just to have it all undone in 7 days, are the ones that will suffer the most. Biden voters apparently pay no attention to what is being done and scremed the entire time about Trump. The platform for the Democratic Party should be enough to stop people from voting for him. However it didn't and then you had his conststant pledge to cancel everything Trump did should have let them know. I don't feel sorry for them, I am as pissed at those that voted for Biden as I am at him for Hating anything Constitutional, that puts America first. Then, you add the Illegal voting and none of the Dems cared that it violated our Constitution. They stood by him and the fraud. Joined also by many of the Republicans in Congress and Senate. I feel betrayed. I'm only one of 80 Million that voted for Trump and I know many of those 80 Million feel exactly as I do. Four years of Communist control in our country will just about wipe out America as we know it. There is a world wide movement to silence Conservatives. You dont believe that? Just watch. It's not going to be pretty. 

  • Their true buyer remorse won't kick in for a while.  Once the left has killed or locked all of us up in the FEMA concentration camps they will turn on their useful idiots just as every despot in history has.

  • And we have have to pay for their ignorance


    • isn't hat something?


    • Actually. We have to pay for their rerusal to aknowledge Article 2 and allow an unconstitutionally elected president to be seated. 


  • Sadly, their stupidity affects the rest of us. Maybe they are the ones that need to be deprogrammed.

  • They must've been afraid to watch a real news channel or they would've known better.

    • that is exactly the situation.

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