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  • The bought,sold out and paid for "media" All part of the NWO aganda!  They've been frantic to stop, discredit and get rid of PRESIDENT Trump ever since he WON.

  • Everything about the corona virus is Demonic period.

  • Everything is Fake ... there's Fake News, Fake (False) Flags, fake pandemics, fake vaccines ............. ultimately there's going to  be Fake Christ. 

  • Managed news is now CREATIVE NEWS... Journalism has been on a constant downhill race to embrace the fabricated narratives of creative journalism.  This process has been ongoing since the mid-'50s and it is only becoming worse as our schools of journalism become centers for creative writing of the fictional narrative. The term Fake news is not descriptive enough to define how far Journalists will go in support of their political agenda and ideology... We now live in the age of Creative News... one step beyond fake... the media is now in the Twilight Zone... between substantive reality and pure fantasy... creating narratives that bare little resemblance to the Truth.

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