• They are there to secure the Chicom puppets.

    But from us or for us?

    We can hope.

    • Does anyone know if the House and Senate are free to come and go... if not then we know they are under house arrest.

    • Yeah! If the scoundels caught even a whiff of justice coming, they would scatter like Congressional roaches to dark corners and crevices. 

      Some have their own private air transportation, I have heard.

    • Ron, your question is a stretch!  To understand, please explain your background thinking.  Also, did you carefully watch the video I noted above?  This might add credence to your question.  If no one else does, I know that I am eagerly awaiting your reply, but only if you have viewed intently the video I posted above!  You have your orders!  Get rolling (LOL)

    • If the National Guard is present to keep the members of Congress under house arrest it follows that the members of Congress may not leave... come and go as they like.   If the NG is there to protect them, then some of its members, if not all may come and go... Therefore, it can be assumed that they are under arrest if they are not entering and leaving the building...

      My question was in response to Mike Thompson's remarks ... above... asking if they were there to secure the Chicom puppets FROM US OR FOR US.

    • Sure! And detainment would be physically easy, with all the paramiliary on the top, with a few pinch pointing the underground transit ways. But if this is so, why have no communication alerts by the MSM broken. All those cell phones, PCs with Internet interface, any observers on the periphery, outsiders of a cordon concerned where their loved ones are, SOMEONE IS BOUND TO SAY "HEY!"

      What I did not relish was the timeline that arrest from the smallest to the largest fish might be evident and take up to January 19th. Is it co-incidental that a condition where none of this is true would then seem the same until January 20th? NO ME GUSTO!

    • How many times have we heard that the arrests would come fast and swift?  Many.

    • Yup! Frankly, what we all want is no need for an Insurrection reaction by legitimate government. But that ship has ;long sailed away.

    • I knew that, Ron!  I just wanted to see if you were paying attention!  Get another cup of coffee and go watch.  Anxious for your lengthy reply!

    • Not fuly explained, Ron!  Why would they be under arrest?  Whoim placed them under arrest?  Who ordered in the NG?  AND YOU DID NOT VIEW THAT VIDEO IN THAT SHORT SPAN OF TIME!  So intwined!!!!!   Ronald!  Get busy viewing and not spewing!  lol

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