• AND NOW, CONCERNING THE VIDEO I SUBMITTED, I HAVE LEARNED THIS .... THERE SEEMS TO BE A BIG PROBLEM!   Although I have watched this man's videos before, it seems he has a background of mental instabilities.  For instance, he apparently has said he is an alien.  I personally have not located that data.  I do know that the Vatican and Pakistan experienced blackouts which were the source of great concern and comments, one of which concerned the Pope's arrest.  It is a rough, hilly, and grossly winding road we ride.  We can lay much of the confusion, the road's layout,  at the feet of the media, international and national.  We need an act of God akin to the Red Sea parting.  Pray; keep praying.  I am glad I have all of you with which to communicate.  Thank-you, all!

    • In the videos I saw, over the weekend, I heard the military was "quietly" being moved into position, by "various means and methods" - -a part of this four year plan of action.  So I wonder if the arrival of the National Guard Troops is, possibly, part of that plan; it would make sense.  I also think those two blackouts you mentioned and the "arrest" of "PF" are also part of the plan.

    • It is a wild, hilly, curvy, and pot-hole-ridden road we travel.  I just saw a video of two people I most assuredly trust.  They are agreeing with my original video in parts, the important parts.  God, please, please demonstrate your omnipotence and mercy on our country. Thank-you, June, for your kind words.  It is why I find everyone herein a pleasure.  God's blessings on you, June.

  • does anyone remember the john brown raid right before the civil war

    • Yeah, and how did that work out... lots of brownies got roasted and the Civil War followed.

  • the whole thing is the Democrat's fault it's time for citizens to demand action on the Democrats.

    • Keep the faith - -that "action" is coming soon.

    • Having done all we stand in the full armor of God our deliverer... resisting the enemies of our soul and this Nation knowing that the Almighty God is able to deliver us from our enemies... for our of the midst of the fiery furnace is He able to deliver the righteous of God in Christ.... and there is no weapon that may bear up against us ... who are of the Lord's House.  Amen

    • Jeff, the action is going to happen.  View my video intently.  Relax!

    • Let's hope so... as this is what I have been calling on the President to do well before the election and in fact on his inauguration day...  I expect SHOCK AND AWE to be on the schedule as he arrested half of those in attendance and seated in the front three rows...

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