• True Dale. But the suspension of tension as the clock runs out, runs the clock out. Only actions change this wait.

    • One destination: three roads.  Two of the roads lead directly to the same destination from different directions.  The third road intersects, via a fork, with one of the other two roads and, thereby, it leads directly to the same destination.  Three people swear their road is the correct one.  Each embarks on their respective journey.  All three are stunned when they all arrive at the destination.  The dems desparation is just another clue (road).  And I agree with you.  But my road is sweeter and more positive.  I will take my road and you take yours, and, when when we arrive, we can smile at each other and others, too!  If we lose, civil unrest, and many are talking of it if we lose.  What did Mr. Henry say?  "Give me liberty, or give...."  Go, Pat!  United we stand.  Divided we lose everything! Let's lock arms, Dale!


    • You could answer your question if you knew exactly why the NG was ordered and who irdered them. If it was Trump?.....  Whole different scenario!

    • Keep this feed up. Pompeo was on earlier. If the intervals get closer and closer,right?


    • I was listening to him speak there was no new thing he said we already know so what's up with his speech?

    • I was hoping Pompeo would drop a hint beyond who he was addressing.

    • Keep the feed up. He should keep appearing at closer and closer intervals. That would be a sighn that it has been sighned. I'm starting to believe it.


    • Well ,if this is any indicator, Alex jones is losing his mind faster:


      Live Link: 9 Days Left to Save America: Trump Announces Speech in Texas
      The globalists are in the final stages of triggering a total collapse of the United States - Tune in to learn how to stop them!
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