• I watched the video before posting the response to Mike's question and well before your follow up question... it is informative... hopefully accurate and if so the Congress would be one of the institutions needing to be restrained and placed under house arrest until the guilty can be sorted out from the innocent... assuming there are any innocent.  Knowing a crime has been committed and doing nothing about it makes once an accessory to the crime and or worse... therefore, I find it impossible to believe there are any innocent members of Congress when it comes to insurrection, espionage, sedition, and the rigged election... one can not possibly work in Congress and not know.

    • P/S  Any arrests under martial law would be by Presidential arrest warrants... and executed by the local commander in the field.  Such warrants are likely verbal to be followed up with written warrants at the President's and or local commander's convenience.  Those under arrest would likely be held under charges of insurrection, sedition, espionage, and treason... to be specified upon arraignment under an article 32 investigation and subsequent charging/indictment before a military tribunal.

    • Those are the most beautiful words I have heard in along time

       Christmas has been extended and our God rules.

    • There you go again, Ron!  Spot on!  The Italian military will have to arrest the Pope and others in his command.  The sale of General Electric, with its massive jet engine productions, to China is now cancelled (Thank-you President Trump!).  Epstein saga is worldwide.  70% of the congress is in deep trouble.  Add the dems total numbers to the total numbers of RINOs and you be at about 70% of the congress that includes the traitorous Pence.  I have not talked of the agency heads in the DOJ.  I wonder about those fences surrounding the SCOTUS, the Capitol, and the WH.  Amazing the conflicting stories of outside the capitol and inside the Capitol, of the west outside versus the east outside.  Any comments?  Hello, CIA/FBI!

    • And what about Pakistan, the Italian government, the Vatican, the Pope and staff (Cardinals), Epstein, pedophilia, and congress?  You are quite correct.  Perhaps we should go after the top people.

    • If the President has initiated the Insurrection Act much of the Government will end up being arrested... as they are either directly involved in the rigged election, covering for it, or have a history of sedition and treason that needs to be addressed and sorted out.  They need to be arrested as they can't be let loose to interfere with the President's authority and actions to secure our government from the international cabal that attempted to subvert our government by installing a Marxist regime.  

      There is also the larger story of the WORLD RESET ... that was to take place in coordination with the installation of Biden and his administration... let it simply be said that the CHICOMS and their allies were attempting.  Things should start happening at a very rapid pace.  Expect interruptions in the internet and broadcast media.  The Emergency Broadcast System may become our primary source of information as the Government deals with the treason in the MSM. 

    • You are painting a wonderful picture. Trump will assume total authority over the country and he will also finally deal with the treason in the MSM. It is high time.

    • There is more to it than that, Ron.  And it all will happen!

    • More than a world reset?  Explain?  What can be bigger than stopping the Socialist International from executing a world reset... whereby, Marxism becomes the dominate force and government in the Earth?

    • A topic has many paragraphs, all important.  What about Pakistan, the Italian government, the Vatican, the Pope and staff (Cardinals), Epstein, pedophilia, and congress?  You are quite correct.  Perhaps we should go after the top people.

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