• Zackley, Ron!  And, if it happens, all thanks and praise goes to Jehovah God.  I remind you of the move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

  • Hold onto your seats.  Keep this in-house:  

    SKY Podcast - 10th January Update Current News Lots Of Apologies Ab...

    • Thank you for any insight John. I will now listen to it. But honest to God, if I read or hear any more assurances that everything is unfolding in unspoken details and not to worry, the far off scream you hear will be me interstate.

    • Keep this feed up. Pompeo was on earlier. If the intervals get closer and closer,right?


    • Funny thing. This englishman states that incumbent will be sworn in without public ceremony (that got my antenna up). It may not be known, but that certain conditions of the Presidency are not unilateral, but rather require the participation by Congress (Advise and Consent). The President cannot take oath to be the next term President  unless Congress recognizes it (remember the certified electoral reading???). I can imagine a smaller Congress reviewing and acknowleding a result that after a surgical removal by arrest, of the traitorous cancer. But no Napoleonic self-coronation (just like in the painting) has legal standing. If not Pelosi, the next viable successor would follow Constitutionally on January 20th, until the issue is resolved. The military knows this.

    • If 70% of the congress is arrested, could not the remaining 30% convene in the WH?  But of course!  There you go, Mike!

    • Congress must have a quorum in order to convene ... business can not be conducted without a quorum.

    • Yes, but it must happen. Otherwise, the Nation in this respect would be in a state of no legitimate authority.

      I have been conversing with the Colonel for so long, I have become insistent on seeing the "t"s crossed, and the "i"s dotted.

  • They need to be protected before they fully subject us to their TOTALITARIANISM!!!!...............YIU BETTER BELIVE IT!!!!

    • No arguement there Phil!

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