• Hope they're there to arrest congress!

    • I hope they pull the tank handle on the side of the building and BAWOOOSH! Tidal basin bathing time.

  • So what are they afraid of?

    • Tyrants always fear for their lives while they rule.


  • Because evryone is SOOOOO happy that the COMMUNISTS OVERTHREW OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

    • I have watched the video. Seems that if you have a British accent then by George you must know something that the peons in America do not.

      That said, my take on all of it is much ado about nothing at all.  Maybe something is going to happen. But how does anyone know?  They probably don't.

      As for the NG. Wasn't very many of them in that video. Maybe they were going to MacDonalds.  I like cheeseburgers myself.  Did anyone see any weapons?  I mean who would dare take on Pelosi hand to hand? Or Schumer. What a man!  Ask him. He'll tell you.


    • You are entitled to your opinion, Dale.  I have my opinion.  I have paid attention to this man and he is quite informative and accurate.  That is why he has to stay alert.  But, hindsight is 20/20 vision.  Let's see what time gives us.  By the way, have you noticed how silent and out-of-sight Donald has been?  I know, there are those of us who are naturally negative and those who are naturally positive.  Both serve their purpose.  I tend to be more middle-of-the-road.  But in this current time, the negative prospect is far too frightrening, so I choose the positive.  The positive venture allows for hope and justice.  These are traits Jehovah God gave us.  While Trump must do the maneuvers, it is God behind it all.  If the negative wins, then I think God has lifted His protection, not from Christians, but from this country because of its sin.  

    • One other thing.  Maybe this is prepatory to the Ignoration Ceremony of Komrade Biden, the China Gofer.

      What a farce.  Talk about a cheap movie.  Can you imagine Roberts actually swearing in Biden?  I mean, really?  How sick is that?

    • I watched this fellow Yesterday. Interesting but I wasn't impressed at all.  And I could be wrong. If so, it won't be the first time.

      What really makes me think that something is in the works is this rabid insistence that Trump be forced out when he has about a week left on his term. Impeach him? Or Amend him out? These are acts of desperation, not deliberation. Talk about mob rule. Congress is a mob led by mobsters.  Who said the end doesn't justify the means?  The Democrats know it does. Biden proves it.

      And we are advised to unite behind him for the good of the country. Yeah, buddie. Accept it. The Rule of law is gone for good.  For the good of the country. Now that is sick.

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