• When Burguess started his run for his new position he was sounding pretty green. It didn't take him long to come up to speed and shut the democrats down - silent on the House floor. Nice going Mr. Owens.

  • Smart man

  • Government of this nation is purely Demonic point and simple.

    • It is also thoroughly and literally mentally insane.  These creatures/demons are NOT normal, regular every day people like us.  We would NEVER dream up the crap these crazy demons are!  Whether it's the adrenochrome, drugs or alcohol or whatever other substance, it's wrecking their brains, disconnecting anything like rational thought, sympathy/empathy, understanding, compassion, you know, Human emotions??!?!  It's like they're all living in some other dimension, parallel world or something!  They are conpletely out of touch with the realities of Our Lives, so wrapped up in their own greedy needs and perverted desires, they just don't have a clue, or care, about anything We actually experience daily.  And that makes them very DANGEROUS, as they sit in their ivory towers, lording it over the masses, passing laws, regulations and rules that are literally killing us right now, from the gmo experiment kill shots and vaxx passports, to the green new deal, I mean STEAL, to raising/STEALING OUR money for taxes.  But I guess that's the agenda - to kill us off however they can so they can have the planet to themselves. GRRROARRRR!!!!!?

  • God bless this man for speaking the truth!  

  • Chicago's Mayor Lightfoot IS the Epitome of "THE PROBLEM!!"

  • Let us hope this penetrates the black communities across America.

  •  Of Course this COULDN'T have YouTube as a Platform.....NAH, Doesn't fit "'Their"' Agenda so Mr. Owens is NOT Welcome there. People are leaving YouTube in Droves as they should and I Hope it winds up like MySpace, (Not that there was Anything Wrong with MySpace as it just became obsolete) it deserves No Less than History's Garbage Dump now!

  •  THANK YOU Mr. Owens for having REAL COURAGE and being Honest. Black American's NEED and DESERVE You, this Country NEEDS YOU!!

    • Thank you Mr. Owens for speaking the truth that most Americans feel.  We are Americans first...let us unite together for a better country. Those that do not want to unite with ALL Americans....boycot!!!!!  Money talks!

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