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  • THere is only one clear response to the continued arrogance, stupidity and aggrivation of Biden..


    FUCK JOEbiden

    • Just thinking about sexual intercourse with Joe Biden is disgusting, but impaling causes pleasant thoughts!

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  • Ilona, I get your point. It’s a solid strategy. And the “beast “ is in DC and beyond. I only brought  this bunny trail to point out yet another tactic that the regime is pulling out of their bag of tricks. There was no other thread to use. This one has covered how our economy and lives will be destroyed piecemeal.

  • How much more can we pay before we will live in the street we need to call the capital swicth board and the senate switch board to let them know 2022 is very close if they would like too keep thier jobs

  • time for the states to take back our government  

    • Amen.  All the dems in the house and everywhere need to be removed. School Board, Police Chief. Tax collector, mayor, city council, judge, alderman, state Senateand house, all Federal electedpositions.  If the American pulic woulddo this just one eletion, we caoule take back America.  I really dont truwt all Republicans either, but I am sure tey would reform if an election throwing out all Democrats at every level wold wake them up to the fact that the people have thepoweer, and they can exercise.  Get out ofline nomatter whatparty, and get in the breadline.


    • Correct, and all we have to do is convince those who vote democrat that they are misguided!

    • Yes, that is the answer and it needs to be coupled with voting out (primaries) RINOs.  PROBLEM:  same old Dominion voting machines.  Everyone knew that the VA election was being watched so corruption was kept at a pre-2020 level.  Everyone expected that the dem would win easily in NJ, so, no one was watching it for fraud.  The Republican was winning in NJ, so the 2020 fradulent maneuvers were quietly exercised there, allowing the dem to win.  Nothing has changed!  As Trump has said repeatedly, the prerequisite for the coming elections is to overturn the 2020 election results due to forensic audits, the removal of dominion machines, and the arrest of multiple communists.

  • Not to get off topic, but Ilona’s point about starving the beast brings to my mind the question of why the government is suddenly issuing very large food stamp allotments to recipients and adding to the roles of recipients people who could not qualify in the past. In other words they are economically not in need of assistance. There was a generous addition during quarantine. We are way beyond that. A food shortage is being created and shelves are already getting emptied. Is this glut of food stamps meant to empty what is left so that the starvations come quicker?

    • You’re point is valid, they are doing everything to limit us in every way, but my point of starving the beast was aimed at DC financially........not the other way around.

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