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  • Just for consideration, how about we all, myself included, cease this constant, senseless bickering between ourselves and focus all this energy on next year's Primaries and Elections.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • A thunderous AMEN!, Lynn,

  • Hey, work from home and stop paying taaxes, so these bums cant spend money they cant get

    • I have suggested not paying taxes a long time ago, many will do it?

      This requires millions in order for the system to be overloaded, and not have money to pay them to process all paperwork. Do you think all those lifer democrat bureaucrats in DC would work for nothing?

    • Absolutely.  I know you have sponsored this plan.  The plan falters because the majority of people have their taxes withheld, paid through payroll deduction.  So, you just shot your own plan down.  Nice plan but unworkable.  So, what is your replacement plan.... PLAN B?

      The judge in the Rittenhouse case just banned MSNBC.  The communists keep trying and there you sit running me down using untruths... and you do not even know me!  How dare you?!!!  You say that I besmirch you, but, like the dems, that is, in fact, what you do to me and perhaps others.  How dare you!  Find fault with my plan - fine.  But do not find fault with me. My plan has its faults, but it will work.  No more passivity.  Fight fire with fire.  Step aside, please!  Don't ask me for help with that brick in your car window or that came in your house and smahed your favorite vase which was handed down to you from your great-grandmother.  We need to build a back-wall-of-fire to stop thrir approaching fire!  

    • I did not sponsor any plan, nor am I leading any movement, simply threw out an idea because we all know that money is always a serious issue, especially for the government.  Shoot it down, run with it, figure out how it could work......not work, whatever! Just an idea.

      As far as your plan, I already said what I needed to say, you can push it all you want, there is no way I personally will ever agree that it could work. You want to do it, go, lead it, march the people into DC, it’s your business, your life, your future, your choice!

    • Clair de Lune (Extended) - YouTube

    • awww, I hurt your little feelings.......if the shoe fits, othewise move on.

    • No, you could not hurt my feelings.  You arev too shallow for that.  You've a small mind that is frozen.  You are a RINO.   Go back to sleep, idiot!

    • Good idea.  Someone is thinking!

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