• Gee Wally, does this mean we're being manipulated??

  • Gas price is going up along with everything else and the fake President and his socialist are responsible period.

    • Not exactly... the Big Energy Companies were not hurt by the XL pipeline... it was not in use and there is a world glut of oil, not a shortage.  Due to the Pandemic demand for fossil fuels of all kinds is way down... Big Energy's revenues are down by nearly50%.  They are now gouging the market and engaging in illegal price fixing in order to offset the massive reduction in demand.  It is not Biden's bad energy policies that are causing the massive increases in gasoline prices... it is greed.  Big Energy lives off a stable revenue stream... well its gone and they are now jacking up prices in the face of an oil glut due to lower demand during the pandemic. 

      Saudi Aramco profit drops 50% 

      The oil and gas industry is slated to lose more than $1-trillion dollars in revenues due to the Covid-19 pandemic according to a worldwide research firm. 


      Saudi Aramco profit drops 50% for H1 2020 as pandemic batters oil p...

      Pandemic impacting oil & gas industry (

      When the Pandemic Gutted Oil Revenues, Wind Power Rescued Wyoming’s...

      Big oil is not willing to take a reduced revenue stream due to massive reductions in demand caused by the Pandemic... the executives will not give up their bonuses to decreased revenues and profits.  They are still some of the most profitable businesses in the world but that isn't enough for them... they want more.…
    • Exactly! Bingo!

    • No, not exactly... Big Oil is the cause for the dramatic increase in gasoline prices... not Biden ... his bad energy policies are not yet impacting an industry handicapped by a GLUT OF OIL... the Pandemic cut their demand by nearly 50% and their revenues by a like amount.  Oil reserves are increasing worldwide.. discoveries every year.  We don't have an oil shortage we have an oil glut and a problem with Greed in the Oil Industry... that is why our gasoline prices are going way up.

      Big energy would love to blame BIDEN and they are... however, anyone with a mind and the time to dig will soon find that it is the Pandemic and increased oil reserves that are driving down demand, while reserves.. supply is dramatically increasing worldwide.

  • Libs will screw all of us

  • The Biden Admin is not responsible for raising retail prices...   Known Fossil Fuel Reserves increase each year and consumption since the Pandemic is way down.  Big Energy is gouging the retail market using political intrigue global climate change and other environmental costs and problems to cover the recent reduction in revenues and the increases in supply... known reserves. The Pandemic has dramatically reduced consumption of all forms of fuel... as consumption is down, reflecting the massive decrease in... economic activity.

    Here are some facts that prove coal, oil and natural gas reserves INCREASE every year... if we have a free market (not) prices should come down as demand is down and supply is up.... one can not have it both ways without gouging the public and engaging in PRICE FIXING an ILLEGAL ACT.


    The United States accounts for 22 percent of coal reserves globally, with Russia in a close second at 16 percent. These two countries alongside Australia (14 percent), China (13 percent) and India (9 percent) make up three-quarters of the world’s recoverable coal reserves.

    Global crude oil reserves total about 1,707 billion barrels (BP, 2019). The BP study reported that North America produced a steady increase in the thousand million (billion) barrels of oil reserves at each ten-year mark. From 2008 to 2018, oil proved reserves increased from 216.6 billion barrels. This number is nearly double from the 1998 report, which estimated 100 billion barrels of oil were on-hand in North America. In the United States specifically, the first reported increase (from 1998-2008) was marginal, however, from 2008 to the end of 2017 oil reserves doubled from 28.4 billion barrels to 61.2 billion barrels.

    Natural gas
    Though BP’s review found that global natural gas reserves total 187 trillion cubic meters, recoverable domestic natural gas has improved each year since 2000. In 2017, nearly every state (excluding 15) had at least 5,000 billion cubic feet of proved gas reserves — the U.S. continually reports increased proved natural gas reserves.


    Officials in Australia announced they had found a shale oil field that contained more “black gold” than what’s found in Iran (137 billion barrels), Iraq (115 billion barrels), Canada (175 billion barrels) or Venezuela (211 billion barrels).

    Discovered underneath the small Southern Australian town of Coober Pedy in the Arckaringa Basin in 2008, officials estimated the lone oil field contained about 233 billion barrels of oil — just 30 fewer barrels than what officials report is found in all of Saudi Arabia.

    Previous to the finding, geologists believed Australia only had 3.9 billion barrels. Collectively the world has 1.9 trillion oil reserves. If the Arckaringa basin does have at least 233 billion barrels, Australia will possess 12 percent of the world’s oil reserves.

    According to reports, the Arckaringa Basin is six times larger than the Bakken formation in North Dakota, 17 times larger than the Marcellus shale finds in Pennsylvania, and 80 times larger than the Eagle Ford deposit in Texas.

    In TRUTH the world is full of oil... a glut that may take hundreds of years to exhaust... reserves in much of the oceans, Africa, and under the Ice in the Arctic remain unknown but predicted to be massive. We are being lied to by Big Energy to believe oil is in short supply and therefore more valuable than it should be in a FREE MARKET.

    Fossil Fuel Reserves -
    Timelines laid out in BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy estimate the years that coal, natural gas, and crude oil will be exhausted via current
  • The Major Oil Companies are gouging the public...  in the Ozarks, gasoline has jumped more than a dollar a gallon to $3.26 /gallon in one week... 

    First, the XL pipeline is not finished... stopping construction does not impact current or near-term supply.  What is driving up the price?   The Pandemic has dramatically reduced motor vehicle fuel consumption as people stay home,  no longer commute in the numbers they once did, there are few if any school buses burning fuel, families have dramatically reduced holiday travel, air traffic is way down on volume, and the general demand for all forms of transport fuel is down by nearly 50%... thus, killing the REVENUE stream Big Oil Companies are used to receiving.

    So, what does Big Energy do to recover from lost demand and revenues?  They ARTIFICIALLY RAISE the price per of fuel per gallon ... this is called PRICE FIXING and it is illegal... Gouging and price fixing do not normally work in a free maker... as producers compete in an oversupply market situation, the normal market forces drive down unit costs.  This is not happening and Big Energy is colluding too keep prices high... Big Energy is engaged in PRICE FIXING.

    It is time to demand our Representatives inform the DOJ of this open fraud on the retail market...  Time to demand the Government take action to bring down the price of motor vehicle fuels to reflect the massive reduction in demand and glut in the supply lines.  The American Public is being lied to.  Again, the XL Pipeline is not operational. Stopping construction on it does nothing to near-term motor vehicle fuel costs. 

    Major Oil is colluding to fix prices for transportation fuels... They are artificially raising the price per gallon of transport fuels to keep revenue streams constant, even with demand and retail sales cut in half.  The artificial rigging of retail princes is called gouging and PRICE FIXING ... This sort of conduct is illegal and hardly reflective of a free market.

  • Stolen election does have consequences and we all knew ahead of time what they would be. It is only going to get worse very very dark days ahead

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