The 1980s movie “Back to The Future” is about to become our new reality.

This 2021 reboot from hell features Joe as “Doc,” and his administration as the DeLorean time machine, and together, they’re going to take the entire country back to 2008.

Buckle up America, we’re going back in time!

The United States is about to experience Barack Obama’s third presidential term on steroids.

Obama’s third term was scheduled to premier back in January, 2017. However, after being vaporized by a MAGA locomotive and soundly rejected by the American people, Obama slithered off into the shadows where he licked his wounds and plotted sweet revenge.

Boy oh boy, he got his revenge — tenfold — thanks to a well-orchestrated Russia hoax, months of civil unrest, and a perfectly-timed Chinese pandemic that demolished President Trump’s seemingly unstoppable economy.

In just four short years the 44th President of the United States settled the score with MAGA and became this nation’s 46th President by proxy.

Don’t believe me? Let me show how you slick Barry truly is.

A couple of months back I watched an Obama interview with late night lunatic Stephen Colbert. Obama was there to hawk his umpteenth autobiography, but things actually got interesting when he finally came clean about the Democrat’s 2020 game plan. He actually spilled the beans and revealed that he is the official Biden Handler™.

The truth came out while Obama shared his secret “fantasy” with Colbert — and no — thankfully, he wasn’t referring to his hulking wife, it was actually much scarier than that.

Here’s what he said:

“I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front-man or front-woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating.” [Deadline]

And there you have it…the blueprint plan to rebuild Obama’s failed 8-year presidency – dug up from the bowels of globalist hell and unleashed upon the American middle-class for a third crummy time.

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  • The longer we wait to figure out a course of action the worse it'll get. They're using our taxpayers funded resources to come after, slander, demonize the people they're supposed to represent. Crazy Nancy wanted machine gun weapons trained on us while they further corrupt our country. We've allowed so much tyranny already. Shall not be infringed seems simple enough but our representatives infringe on our 2nd amendment rights daily. We need to get back to basics with our rights, people have forgotten what's what to the point where they wouldn't know if they lost all of their rights or not, by design from dishonorable representatives. Might as well stop being passive about these crooks demands. You can't reason with most of them but they are pros at shaming, guilting, accusing us of EVERYTHING they're guilty of. Stop letting them shame us with accusations to keep people in line. We've seen this coming for a very long time. I can be reasonable but I'm tired of it being one sided. My lines been crossed long ago. I'm done giving in to their tantrums. Their left wing fit throwers will receive no quarter. That time has passed. Now on to the solutions. 

  • Obama was the worst evil, corrupt,ruthless, lawless President that ever sat in the WH, and he could give a fig about this country.  He likes to inflict his Saul Alinsky commie rules.  Why did he stay in DC, him and his evil twin Valerie Jarret.... to inflict as much harm on this country as POSSIBLE!!!!!

  • Bowels is an apt description for anything from 0bama.

    • "Bowels is an apt description for anything from 0bama."

      So SJW support of Obama is a bowel movement?

      Jea9, you are wise beyond your years.

  • I believe the blueprint is about a restoration of the Republics scheduled implosion.

    Obama in the form of a Biden Cabinet is a symptom.

    2000 was the "Great Reset" trial attempt at our collapse through economic catastrophe.

    2008 was a second sincere attempt that could not quite tap out the countries wherewithal in an international economic catastrophe. International banksters are to be found at the heart of this.

    The stolen 2020 election ("using the tools of democracy to destroy democracy"), permit the directed agenda of the adle-pated Biden to crank out E.O.s (this Colonel is the danger of concentrated power in a Congressional courtesy to George Washington) to shunt any and all beneficial economic corrective actions of the populist president.

    Biden living out his Disneyland fantasy of being worthy, or effective as the most popular US President ever, by election count, is an embarrassing joke. Joke Biden, is a load in our political pants.

    At this stage, a pretty obvious state of undeclared war exists with the New World Order. My urge would be to mount a military excursion to seek out and kill known principal actors in this attack upon us. Gates, Soros, Fauci, Birx, and other domestics, would have to take their chances in a tribunal for crimes against Humanity, but you can figure how that would work out. World opinion in the form of the UN, EU, IMF, WTO, WHO,  be damned. They just might be next!

    But with a Pretender Biden as Commander in Chief, what are the odds?

  • They have ALL the power. We cannot ever vote them out again. 

    • Maty Kay, if the Progressive Socialists have all the power, why are they so afraid?

    • Power belongs to the PEOPLE.  Unless we come together in OVERWHELMING mass we will remain defeated. 10,000,000+ strong or just sit and whine.

    • Right.....VOTE THEM OUT, VOTE THEM OUT, VOTE THEM OUT!!!!   We cannot let this country have anything to do with mail-in voting because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID TO COMMIT FRAUD AND STOLE THE 2020 ELECTION! Plus they used last minutes dirty changing in rules in thos battle ground states, late night stop counting so they could figure out how many fraud votes to dump the next day of counting.  I have great suspicions of those voting machines, too!

    • Sorry Cathy, but in case you haven't noticed our voting system is now totaly corupt and we will never win again.  They got away with it and have usurpted power.  Nothing short of a mass uprising is going to stop them now.  We are in a new age now.  There is no more rally the voters.  Look at a little history.  Any period, any country.  Coruption takes over, people are supressed, imprisioned, murdered, and the only way out is mass armed uprising.  At what point are we going to face the fact that we are there?  They are systematicly dimantaling our nation NOW.  Are we goin to wait until they take all our weapons and we are even more defensless than we are now?  You don't think they can? HOME LAND SECURITY

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