• Why do you think the entire corrupt establishment is out to destroy Trump? So 45 stops exposing them. The entire world wants him gone because Trump is causing them to lose billions , He stopped the gravy train before the golden goose is killed. This is the thanks he gets, trailing in the polls ?

  • It's getting crazy the Obama administration should have been in jail along time ago

  • Where is prison time for the Obama administration?

  • This election is about our Freedom the time has come to go out and vote for America and for what she stands for.Time for you to vote so all those who gave their life on the battle field was not in vain 

  • We have the Bible. We have read it.  We know the end from the beginning.



    • Christoph, correct but they think they can control everything by suppressing us but God will get them eventually.  He is just waiting, giving them a chance to repent.

    • They are not so big that they can't be brought to the point of begging for mercy, or delivered to ISSIS for the beheading that they deserve 

    • Of course God will punish them, but in the mean time we need to strip them down to size 

  • Pray people. Our lives depend on it. Trump WILL WIN. They have set up voter fraud. The globalist oligarchs operating behind the scenes who OWN so many pols plan on stealing the election through fraud AFTER the election. Just like they did with mid terms where they overturned election results to take the house. They are determined to eliminate the president we the people elected. The global establishment worldwide wants Trump out because he is standing between us and the DEMONIC NWO/one world gov/North American Union agenda.

    the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.....We need to pray that NO weapon formed against our president will prosper. 


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