• This ad is proof that the Leftist Demoncrats have absolutely lost their everloving minds!  ANTIFA is nothing but a FASCIST organization that is parading under false colors!  MSNBC is sick to even broadcast something like this and Brian Williams is nothing more than a TRAITOR!!!

  • WTF? Was that a real add of antifa being likened to the soldiers braving hell on the shores of Normandy?  Does Brian Williams know he was on TV and buried the very last shred of integrity he had left?  Does MSNBC have any clue at all, even a little?  We are officially living in the twilight zone...


  • This and everything else that comes from the propaganda machine ( they don't deserve the title of media) is specifically designed to inflame and proverbial spit in the face of every single American who voted for Donald Trump. How much more, and how much longer? 

  • what a pos!?!?  The real, true antifacists were our red-blooded American Soldiers storming that beach, getting mowed down, yet kept going somehow?!  panti-fa now has absolutely nothing, zero, nada to do with our Great American Patriots who fought and died for Our Freedom!?!??!?!  wowowowow what an a $ $ hat, and a huge insult to Our Veterans and their families?! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • Brian Williams breathing needs to stop TODAY!

  • Antifa are fascists. Starting their moniker with anti doesn't fool anyone. And the Lincoln project is made up of fools.

  • Brian Williams' February 5, 2015 admission that he lied about having been aboard a military helicopter when it came under heavy enemy fire over Baghdad in 2003, renders him a pathological liar that can no longer be trusted regardless of what he says.

  • It sickens me to see this is what passes for a journalist & what is very sad there are far too many sheeple that hate the country & will gladly go along with this garbage much like they fell for the covid lies hokk, line, & sinker

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