This is it everybody. Brian has finally spoken out not in some audio file but Brian has finally spoken out on video letting people know his disdain for the Corrupt Legal System when it ignores the law.

This is a problem. We can disagree with the law all day long but the law is there. When the Government disagrees with the law and refuses to follow it, we have a serious problem here. We can disagree with this law or that law, but we have to follow the laws of the land. When the Courts refuse to follow the laws of the land and refuse to follow the very laws and rules they pass in their rule making committees and processes, it is high treason, it is sedition by the Highest Order. It is sedition against law and order by the Courts of Man. It is no longer a Court of Law but a Court of Man, a Court of Opinions. A court that refuses to enforce it's well settled laws is very dangerous to our republic. This needs to be discussed here and everywhere. All patriots and Constitution loving Republicans and Tea Party people and Patriots need to discuss when a Court refuses to follow the law, refuses to follow the Supreme Court. We have rebels in our Courts right now, not the good kind, rebels who will torture us subjects like we have no rights and no legal protections but we are entitled to those protections. Please listen to Brian, review the whole video, and disseminate it wherever you feel appropriate. Brian tells nothing but the truth and he has read the rules, the case laws for years. Brian knows what he is talking about. The evidence, the Court records, the arguments is there, the evidence is there. The courts no longer follow the law anymore when it favors the subject, the peasant. This is bad, this is bad guys. What do we do here?????? Let me know what you think of all this???


The 13 minute statement from Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, makes it clear that the Federal Courts are IGNORING THE LAW. They are ignoring the Constitution. They are ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court. They are ignoring the Rules of the Court and the Laws of the Land. The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina are engaging in a Judicial rebellion against the Law and Constitution. They are engaging in high treason and sedition. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Virginia are engaging in a Judicial rebellion against the Law and Constitution. They are engaging in high treason and sedition. Learn the truth why Brian D. Hill is being held hostage by FEDERAL THUGS.

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  • Really now they accuse the patriots and Constitution lovers of sedition and insurrection. What about the other side????

    When the other side refuses to obey the law and act in rebellion against law and order, act in rebellion against the Constitution, they are the insurrectionists. The Judges who had gone woke and gone broke. They have rebelled against the Constitutional rights of the average citizen. They are acting as seditionists and then they accuse us of such???

    Maybe it is time we stop biting our tongues and we start accusing the other side of sedition. They accuse us of it and used January 6 as the excuse but the truth is the Dems are acting as seditionists. They are engaging in the very activities they are accusing us of.

    They are into pedophilia and child porn including Hunter Biden. Yet they love to frame us with child porn and accuse Donald Trump of having a sexual relationship with his daughter Ivanka Trump and then the PeePeeGate Dossier. So the other side are the ones engaged in the very crimes they accused Trump and us of. The Bidens and the Clintons and others are all engaged in Quid Pro Quo and yet they act like only Donald Trump is doing that when the Biden bragged on TeleVision that if the prosecutor is not fired they are not getting the money, "oh son of the bitch, he got fired" and laughed after Joe Biden said that. These are criminal activities and they accuse Trump and the Patriots of the very crimes they have committed over and over again.

    • I still belive when bullies bully, bully back.

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