•  63 million AMERICANS never got to live their lives because of the mistake made by SCOTUS 50 years ago.

    That's a helluva pile of human lives wasted.   How many were truly GENIUS that never did what they were intended by their maker.

    How many were the truly amazing heroes of OUR COUNTRY that we never were able to see?

    How many musicians whose tunes we will never hear?

    Was there a GREAT PRESIDENT in that pile of never to be's that were doomed?    

    SADLY, we will never know.

    Each of them a precious life that was never to know LOVE.

    • Marlene, those lost babies do know love. It is in the arms of our Lord and our Almighty Father who brought home their souls he gave to each and everyone of them.

    • Marlene, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  3 million is quite a lot, unborn children of God who were murdered by satanists!!!!!  God WILL NOT be intimidated when they start calling him their vile names at the Great White Throne judgment!!!!!  He will simply cast them into the Lake of Fire!!!!!!!!!!


  • I was just talking to my Grandaughter who was very upset about the ruling. I calmly let her know that nothing was overturned but it was just turned over to the STATES. It is called STATES RIGHTS. It was illegal to be under the feds. She advised me that she had not heard that. Told her to stop listening to the commie media and politicians. Do some research if you need any proof.

    • I would be more upset if told by a woman that she killed her unborn baby. 

    • A wonan has a right to say what happens to her body.  She has NO  right to say what happens to that body she invited into hers.  NONE!  [Exodus 23:7 … Do not kill the innocent or the just, for I will not acquit the guilty.] (GOD).  God requires a sacrifice for our sins.  It first was a lamb and then it was His Son, JESUS, the Paschal Lamb.  The devil wanted his sacrifice then.  He chose babies.  Every abortion was a sacrifice to Satan (Baal).  When the USA began legal abortions, God’s hand of protection left us.  It can now be restored.  The states will decide for themselves now.  Woe to those states and their leaders who permit and/or fund abortion.

    • Shirley, you are absolutely correct!!!!!  Abortion is one of the many areas the federal government has NO authority yet butts in to bow to the satanists!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes, I see the same thing.  Sorry they are just too, whats in it for me!!!! Win or Lose.

      We see the bigger picture, they can't.


    All must be vigilant, as the swamp creatures will probably go into meltdown!!

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