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  • Gentle readers I take great pride pride in the fact that I am a nsty old retired federal law enforcement officer and everyone who has ever worked with me knows I hate doing paper work but this does not preclude me from reading everything in federal law from the Code of federal regulations to Title 18 the Federal Criminal Code and as much as it may shock you I have even read  Section 230 of Communications Decency Act which I find very funny and very inetersting at the very same time. Gentle readers consider the imlications which neiter Twiter’s Jack Patrick Dorse nor Facebook’s Mark Elliot Zukerburg have nor have even considered and which I learned when I was a little boy from some of my father’s lawyer friends “a lawyer who has himself for a client has a fool for a clieant.” So anytime you see any politician from the lowest ward healer from former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden’s father to a very distinguished federal jurist who shale remain unnamed because of my “great” respect for the liberal judiciary to the get their own lawyers since the Cannos of the American Bar Association require a lawyer to protect the rights of their clients. I do not care how intelligent you are nor how intelligent you think you just remember the phrase “how no pride when it is time to ride out of Whiekey Creek.” Now both Twiter’s Jack Patrick Dorse and Facebook’s Mark Elliot Zukerburg are in for a very a very rusde awakening because while I will conced they are very intelligent people they have no common sense. Yet they chose to cross metaphical swords with President Donald John Trump who in my not so humble opinion is just as intelligent as both of them, has a great deal more common sense thain either of those two “gentleman”. Even better gentle readers  President Donald John Trump acrually has decades of dealing with very corrupt public officials with their gfrubby little hands out for their graft! So those two clowns are in for a very rude awakening.

    • Let's hope that Zukerburg and Dorse have the common sense to restrain their censorship practices and conform to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act ... AND THAT THE PRESIDENT has a lawful and workable plan to shut them down if they don't.  The President also needs to put his plan into action NOW not LATER.  Later it will be too late.

    • Dream on they have too delusions of adequesy!!

    • Exactly


  • Except for this site, I don't go on Facebook or Twitter.  I did miss talking to people but now I've got you guys.  Ning is independent of Facebook or Twitter.  But I have a website also that is full of stories on how I made myself well from being very sick using homepath methods and Farm Fresh Plant food and Grass Feed Beef and Cage Free chicken.  I and all the other Homeopaths had high traffic volume but not anymore.  Google and Utube make sure our stuff doesn't come up in normal serches.  We are'nt remove from searching you just have to re-word your search and search to get us.  Google and the New World Order want to protect big Rx control which now thanks to this virus I find was China.  So China just wanted us out of the way for its world control plans

    I'm glad that Trump finally jump in with both feet, for no one has known exactly what to do with this injustice.  Taking on Twitter as he did over the Joe Scarsbough's assistans death has really lit a fire.  Trump has taking MSM on in a battle that I hope will finish off MSM once and for all.

    With Google being what it is, I suprised the Internet was even allowed to start because the public has become very educated and independent and that isn't as easy to dominate maybe that's why this "event" was unleashed with so much disregard for human life. Like filling NH with Covid patients, Locking people down with no lively hood cause depresion, sicknes and suiside, etc.  The want you dead not independent.

    • "The(y) want you dead not independent."  Exactly Joan.  If the left manages to rig the coming elections and wins big its over... we will all be on the way to the gulags and reeducation camps.  The elderly will be euthanized and the Conservatives purged from society.  We are at war whether we acknowledge it or not.  Pres. Trump needs to put his campaign on a war footing... continue to educate the Public on voter and election fraud, and the massive corruption in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and other key agencies of the government.... with an eye on draining the swamp thru a- massive victory in the coming elections.... giving him the mandate to remove the swamp from DC. 

    • Good for you, Joan. I have a similar story. I was not sick but went to a chiropractor who put me on their Advanced Plan. I gave up all carbs/fruits/breads for 2 weeks, broke all my food addictions, changed my diet completely. No fast food, no drinks, all organic beef, pork, eggs, chicken, fruit, vegs, raw milk that is high Omega 3, lost 60 lbs, got fit. Wish all of America knew the truth of our food, pharma, corporate death food chain, and seek out local farmers with clean food. The difference is like night and day. 

    • After it took what seemed like years was only about 2 months to regain strength enough to return to worl.  But in my explorations I found out about maintain an alkaline balance and pH.  Your digestive system needs an acid balance but most of us because of our high consumption of non-essential food including sugar have an acid balance which causes the bodies immune system to break down and succum to illness.  Oh also wearing a mask for any length of time does the same thing. If I had known about the maintenance of pH  my recovery would of been faster.

  • I do hope Trump breaks these liberal creeps and their whole agenda

    • Ask and it shall be given.

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