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    • An Executive Order is only good if enforced and so far I don't see any changes or either Zuckerburg or Dorse shaking in their boots and knuckling under to Pres. Trump's EO.

    • same here.

  • Shut down all social media, and reintroduce parents to their children. Put down the cell phones, Ipads during meals, have your children take turns saying grace, talk with your children. Time to wean America from this vile, evil social cult that is destroying the American family. Now that it has become so politically bias, it is brain washing your children with leftist puke, spew, drivel and lies. Boycott any and all of the sponsors of all leftist forms of media. Shut down the leftist spewing TVs in airports, they are always turned to cnn ( chinese news network ) jamming your brain with subliminal messages, leading to anxiety, anger, and antiAmerican propaganda. 

    • it's going to be hard for people everywhere to do.

  • Free speech went out the door with POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and racial AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PROGRAMS... the racists of today are what society calls 'minorities'... and the Federal Courts whose verdicts hardly apply the law through color-blind justice.   The COurts believe it is just to use the law to enforce mandatory racial preferences due to alleged past discrimination... most often penalizing those who never engaged in racist policies.   Two wrongs NEVER equal a RIGHT... the right to impose more hardships and penalties on others in society.

    • Very well said, Ronald.


  • Let's hope that the Executive Order ends all censorship... especially, censorship by algorithmic programs designed to remove comments that contain certain words and pharases.

  • I hope they all get closed down for their arrogance. Or else open up for all voices, but we all know that is not their agenda.

    • let's hope so.

  • Free speech is a must in this country and it should be everyones right.  If you are a social media whatever people should be able to comment freely .  Yes i can no longer comment on Breitbarts disqs.  Why I have no clue.  I email them everyday and NO ONE has gotten bk to me.   

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