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  • let's see what happened next

  • I got kicked off Nextdoor of all places.  This woman went on asking if she should be concerned about this man who seemed to be "casing" her block.  She described his car, and how often she'd see him, and what he was doing, and then went on with her description to include that he was a black man.  Immediately people started jumping all over her and calling her racist just because she included his ethnicity in the description.  I started sticking up for her, and called the people attacking her a bunch of snowflakes.  That did it...   She sent me an email before I got kicked off saying she'd cried and cried over people calling her a racist.  All I did was stick up for her.  Yeah...and Nextdoor CLAIMS they want people to be friendly, open, and the new word "inclusive".  I have yet to know exactly what our "crime" was.   If she had reported him to the police, they would have asked if she knew what race he what's the difference?

  • It is about time.  We are supposed to have free speech in out country.

  • Good! A Long Overdue Action! 

  • I've been kicked off Twitter twice. The first time was in 2017. I commented on Rosie O'Donald's wild lesbian sex party as the reason her daughter left. They ask me to delete comment and I would be restored in 5 hours. That never happened. I tried all sorts of appeals, even wrote a letter to their headquarters. No one ever replied. So, in 2019, I changed email and cell number and opened a new account. This month, I replied to a tweet from from The Governor of Michigan calling her trailer trash Democrat. I again was banned, this time I was banned for life. Liberals can tweet whatever they want but no conservative views are allowed. There is no freedom of speech for conservatives only for liberals. 

    • WOW 😮 HOW MANY OTHERS ( - it happening to you indicates A LOT of others - ) HAVE HAD THIS SAME ‘BANNED FOR LIFE’ censoring their ‘FREE SPEECH’ (for life!) on a media platform?? (If you are famous they can’t get away w/ it so easily!)

  • i don't use it/don't need it.  It is a straight jacket/ many need to wear it!  

    • I think he means the censoring kind of media - THIS is a more honest think tank of sorts.

    • UH....HELLO.....THIS is a social media site

  • Social media sites do censure.  I don't know if government regulation will stop this. 

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