Boeing will relocate all 787 Dreamliner production from Everett to South Carolina, the company confirmed Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal first reported the move that would deeply impact the Snohomish County economy and region as a whole. 

The decision comes as the company responds to the "current global environment" in order to "enhance efficiency and improve performance for the long-term."

"The Boeing 787 is the tremendous success it is today thanks to our great teammates in Everett. They helped give birth to an airplane that changed how airlines and passengers want to fly," said Stan Deal, president and chief executive officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "As our customers manage through the unprecedented global pandemic, to ensure the long-term success of the 787 program, we are consolidating 787 production in South Carolina."

People familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that the decision to end production of that jetliner in Washington state comes as the "coronavirus pandemic saps demand for aircraft."

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  • Thank you Boeing! It's high time manufacturing moved to red states.

  • Following Ann Rands advice. Best to be in an area that is pro-business. Best of luck to thier future sucess.

    • Trump is Gault. 

  • I'll bet Boeing just wanted OUT of the IDIOT state of Washington before the IDIOT rioters burn their factory DOWN, SMART!

  • Defund the Commies!

  • Seems to me they wanted to make this move years ago, didn't they?  But thwarted by the Obozo thugs??

    • According to KING News, Boeing cited the following reasons: the "current global environment" and a desire to "enhance efficiency and improve performance for the long-term." Sounds like an encrypted message flirting with political correctness.

      Boeing had been eyeing South Carolina since late in the Obama years, a time long predating the corrosive looting and rioting now ruining Seattle's once appealing business landscape. And, "Boeing South Carolina" is already one of two facilities in place for 787 Dreamliner final assembly; with Washington's soaring tax burden, top heavy union influence, unchecked crime, and an increasingly hostile attitude toward business, moving makes all the sense in the world.

      True, The Emerald City's appetite for coddling BLM and Antifa may have provided the final push, but Boeing has had their bags packed for a decade. 

  • It is the TAX BASE and liberal environmental and labor laws which make doing business in Washington State prohibitive... they will make hundreds of millions by moving out of this SOCIALIST STATE...

  • !!!! EXCELLENT !!! Get out of that "COMMIE" HELLHOLE"!!!!!!!!!

This reply was deleted.