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  • Make us ALL happy john and SHUT your piehole, you keep exposing your IDIOCY every time you open that trap!

  • Someone please give this silly old drunk a bottle of Wild Turkey so that he'll shut the heck up, for a minute. 

  • What has he spent all the funds he collected from his reign in government. He is back trying to raise more to add to his deep pockets. He was a disgrace as speaker and is still an OLD School RINO looking to fleece the public. Go back to bed and stay there.

  • Perhaps Boner means go back to being RINOS and Never Trumpers.

  • I am one of the 75+million VOTERS that says, YOU RINO'S CAN GO TO HELL-!!! AMERICA and AMERICAN'S FIRST-!!!

    • Very true.  I'm all in on his.

  • Boehner, I will never be a RINO republican like you. 

  • Getting rid of Boehner I thought was going back to being a Republican Party... you know, one that is conservative and believes in the Constitutional rule of law  Boehner has never been a true conservative and was for Constitutional rule of law... only when it served his interests.

  • Why would anyone care what boner says?

This reply was deleted.