• The only ralying cry should be "SAVE AMERICA-KILL A DEMOCRAT" They all need to be held accountable. They think we are bad people with ideas but they are the bad people that want to destroy our country.


    • New, the gop establishment is in bed with the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  pence, mcconnell, mccarthy, and their minions ARE NOT on our side!!!!!  There are a few good ones but most are TRAITORS!!!!!!!!!!



    • I think the authroities would undoubtedly frown upon your proposition and that is, but another reason we need to remove the authorities 

  • The answers top all these questions are self evident.  We all know what the happened and what needs to be done.

  • Let's get the full video out there for everyone to see!!!! This BS has got to stop and those responsible need to have their A** thrown in jail or worse, GET A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE; LET'S SEE IF IT STOPS THEN!!!

  • That police officer should be fired and tried for murder

    • Since the police officer was black and the victom was white, shouldn't we call it a hate crime?

    • That can't happen.  The victim wasn't black.

    • Totally agree.  I think the whole Capitol Police Force needs to be defunded (it is the only police force, I would say that about).  The cpf is not really a force of trained professional officers.  They are totally controlled by Nancy Pelosi!  I wonder if there is an honest officer on that force.


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