Blumenthal on Packing SCOTUS: ‘Nothing Is off the Table’

Media Shrink on Twitter: "Lyin Fake Viet Nam Vet Blumenthal Calls Trump A  Liar- After #IG & FBI Wray Admit Stzrok & Paige Texts & Actions Afftected  Stzrok AND #MCCabe Procedures! #DNC

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said on Sunday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy” that Democrats were willing to end the filibuster and add more justices to the Supreme Court if they take the Senate majority in November’s election.

Host Tiffany Cross asked, “On November 10, that’s when the ACA will be heard before the court. Seven million will be impacted should they strike it down. Given the dire situation, we are in, the old playbook before 2016 is thrown out. So based on where we are today, where do you stand on if Joe Biden is successful in November and bests Donald Trump, what’s your position on expanding the court?”

Blumenthal said, “That’s a really good question. And all the more reason that we need to focus on these next days and weeks, trying to defeat this nominee. I’m going to be fighting like hell to defeat her using every possible tool. Limited as those tools are. We can’t force the Republicans to keep their word any more than we with force them to care about their constituents’ health care. Any eventual option after the election depends on winning the election. Without Joe Biden as president or a Democratic Senate, none of these options is achievable.”

Cross said, “Yeah, I hear you. I think because the base is so frustrated with the process, people are looking to if we win this is what we’ll do. So yes, would you support expanding the Supreme Court?”

Blumenthal said, “What I’m prepared to say is we must win this election for Joe Biden and for the Senate to make them both Democratic and then nothing is off the table.”

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  • Yep, just another liberal, big government elitist grifter who is also getting very afraid that the consent of the governed is going to derail his gravy train. Only a very desperate Democrat party would be trying so hard to promise "free" everything to the uninformed and dependent voters, while also promising to overturn all the favorite boogeymen of the uber progressive leftists. This is precisely why a pure "democracy" has never worked in all of human history, and we should thank the Lord and our Founders everyday for our Constitution and its republican form of government, under which allowed a free, self-governing people have prospered for almost 250 years. But occasionally it must be amended to take back power to the people when these elitists depart from constitution tenets and principles.

  • Like they weren't going to crush the people under their tyrannical liberal thumb if they regained a majority ANYWAY?

    Democrats will intentionally destroy the middle class  (and country) and finish the job their beloved Chairman Bao set out to do!!!


  • Those 7 million are illegal aliens that are raping America's welfare coffers. By getting rid of halfrican care, 14 to 17 million Americans will be able to get health insurance for their families, health care that became too expensive to afford. Trump needs to pack the court with all of his nominees. Ms. Barrett wants to qualify all laws using our U.S. Constitution, the leftist marxists want to use karl marx's communist manifesto, and saul alinsky's rules for radicals. America needs an " open season " on anyone proclaiming they are " trained marxists " and anyone that subscribes to the antifa, kkk, and blm. America would change overnight. VIOLENCE would go down 80% nationwide once the lawless knew we were not playing their game.

    Why are the marxists so set on no voter ID, ballot harvesting, ballot box stuffing, voting for 21/2 months before the election and still need to postpone the results for another week, why do they need postpeople throwing out ballots, throwing out military ballots, mass ballot mailings without ID, why is little mikey bloomberger having to buy the felon vote, why are leftist states allowing felons to vote, it is against the law, this is the way they will rule the country, one set of rules ( not laws ) for their opposition, and NO restrictions for them, It is always said, those that make the rules can change them without notification, why do they need the 36 million illegals in the country to vote for them, the left has to cheat because no one in their right mind wants to live in a marxist shithole.

  • It is hard to conceive of these lying, fucking idiots winning anything this election. If the millions of REAL Americans come out to vote then they may win nothing...woohoo!

  • All the more reason to vote Trump 2020!

  • Blumie is a disgusting piece of offal...

  • Don't worry about it because President Trump will be re-elected and the communist demoncrats will be vouted OUT OF OFFICE ON NOV. 3!!

    • You are absolutely right.  I hope then that the democrats heads will be cut off

    • President Trump  won't be blindsided. I'm sure he is completely prepared in every way for anything that happens. He is already a step ahead of them.  Of ghr ones that are with him everyday, I just pray he knows who he can trust and who not. God save our President!

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