• Did we not have a so called infrasturture bill during the Obama/Boden regime? What happened to that? Was supposed to create jobs just like this one and never did. Whwre did the MONEY go or should I ask whose POCKETS did it end up in?

  • It is not too much that the Republicans can do.  Unless we have some democrats cross over.  The 2022 election are super important.  We have 6 House seats that or democrat amd 8 Republican and both Senate are blue.  Need to change that.  All Blue districts are around Atlanta and southwest Ga.  Albany.  I agree that Biden and his idiots are spending this country in to bankruptcy.  Nothing will happen until the people get mad enough to cause a change.  We need to be out there everyday putting out the msg.  and getting Conservatives elected.  

  • Congress is voting to spend trillions of $s that will put Gov't in control of almost every aspect of Americans' lives!  WHY can't we Citizens demand that our Congress NOT allow piling debt upon debt!  WHO in Congress is listening to economists & common sense Citizens who know that inflation is out of control which is already a TAX on taxpayers!  If Gov't decides it cannot keep the monies flowing to the companies' workers, then US Economy will crash just as it did in other communist nations & people will lose jobs & banks close & food ETC will become scarce - just like Venezuela!  Tell your Congressional representatives to kill Infrastructure Bill which has little being spent on infrastructure & millions of $s for college tuition etc., etc!  READ what's in the Dems bill & tell Republicans NOT to pass the phony bill! 

    • How about also invoke Article V of the Constitution and call for a convention of states. We have a grassroots army of volunteers in all 50 states. We need to push our state legislators to pass it. The two two items on the agenda list would solve the issue you mentioned 1) balanced budget Amendment and 2) term limits. We also need to push even harder to get rid of the communist democrats and rhino republicans and bring in MAGA people. The time to act is now. The 2022 election is critical. Anyone involved in the fraudulent election needs to be gone ASAP. Recall election is another avenue that can work.

    • Tim we got too many liberal traitors, along with RINOS PIGS who won't go against the democrat SCUM....

  • Read the history of Venezuela. done! 

  • Eventually we will have to deal with this debt (bankruptcy). For Americans sake don’t be like the Greece’s who have committed themselves to 100 years of debt slavery. Demand bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can do some very good things.

    1. It gets rid of the debt, completely. The 1% get financially slaughtered, the rest of us get hurt also. However, we start over!!
    2. It reevaluates and redistributes the assets to those who can produce profits by providing goods and services the people need and want. In other words, our economy becomes more efficient.
    3. And above all it dramatically changes our ideas and philosophies!!!!! Our value system (liberty, freedom, democracy) and economic understanding will change from what it is today, too a whole new world. When you think about our political, government, economy and religious ideologies we have today, we need bankruptcy!!! Our ideas, philosophies, management and government bureaucracies are out of date!!!
    • If we go the bankruptcy way in several years we will be back in the same rut as we are now. Because with bankruptcy the people who file for it has to change their ways, and not keep the same thing going and congress refuses to do that.

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