• Do as Ilhan Omar suggest, abolish the police and the judges. Then these punks will be facing the Patriots who love this country and will protect ot from all enemies domestic and foreign. That punk was going to throw that block would not have been hit with a rubber bullet but a bullet. There are private citizens who own their own tanks and have licensed machine guns. 

  • It's the state prosecutors in these states that are to blame. The prosecutors are elected to there positions with money from George Soros. If any of these thugs get arrested the prosecutor releases them back on the streets with no bond. This is what encourages them to keep acting the way they do. If there is never going to be any punishment for their behavior then why stop. It was over a year ago I read that Anti fa-fa was planning on exporting their terror to the red state of Tennessee I think it was. The state prosecutor said if any of them plan on rioting or looting in my state there will be a 1 million dollar bond on each of them. Anti fa-fa changed their mind after hearing that.

    By the way, I call them anti fa-fa because they are fascists, ANTI FASCIST FASCISTS  I mean how stupid can these punks be? The are protesting fascism while at the same time promoting it.

  • I know I'll probably catch some flack for saying this but I think they should bring back the draft. These young people have nothing better to do than run wild in the streets committing crimes and showing their a$$es. Doing harm to others and acting like it's a war zone. I say draft them and let them see just how tough they really are. I bet a lot of them couldn't even make it through basic training. If they want to run wild and create havoc then let them do it to our real enemies. Work out their hatred somewhere it counts. They need to learn discipline and to take orders. They need to learn how to act like human beings instead of wild boars with no direction. An old saying I remember is the military will either make them or break them. It's been so many years since we had the draft and I have observed a gradual breakdown of the younger generation. They have no direction, no morals, no motivation what so ever. They need stability that the military training can give them. When I was a teenager they gave the troublemakers a choice. They could either go to jail or enlist. Back then only the Army and Navy would take them. But when they came out they were all the better for it. They said that was the best thing that ever happened to them and they were changed for the better. People were proud of them. Now I see the thousands of rioters and I can't help thinking this would be the best for them too. And it would probably save a lot of their lives; because sooner than later many of them will be killed at the rate they're going.

    • The military doesn't want these scums.

    • The military doesn't want people like them. They prefer people who love their country and would fight and die for it. These punks wouldn't be trustworthy with a weapon in their hands.

  • I wish the police could just shoot the SOB's. I think it's an insult to law enforcement having to put up with all the nonsense these thugs are dealing out. Shoot them with rubber bullets at least. There is no good reason why this should go on.

  • The police are not starting anything.  The rioters are there to start something which is what the man with the large piece of concrete rock did.  Pray for the safety of our law enforcement.  Pray the rioters stop all their nefarious criminal behaviors.  Praying God's divine intervention in every way to put a stop to all this in our republic.

    • and pass the ammunition...

    • Amen. Holly. Praying with you. This demonic crap needs to end.

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