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A BLM protester who was arrested in Washington DC on Saturday night has also been at riots in Portland and Kenosha, police said on Monday, as they revealed they were looking into whether groups were being funded to travel to protest hot-spots.

Jeremy Vajko, 27, a Microsoft engineer, was arrested on Saturday night during violent clashes between police and protesters in the nation's capital.

The Metropolitan Police Department incident report into his arrest claims he was driving recklessly near the Hay Adams hotel and drove 'into a crowd of over one hundred individuals'.

He spent the night in jail and was released on Sunday. Prosecutors are not pursuing the case.

On Monday, police chief Peter Newsham referred to the van and said it had also been spotted in Portland and Kenosha.

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    • Nazi war criminal george soros is paying him, and the rest of the rioters.  soros wants America destroyed so he and satan can take over and implement the New World Order global dictatorship.  devildemocommiecrats think they will be part of the ruling junta so they are helping all they can.

  • We are so lucky to have President Trump in office now. He stands between us and obummer's chaos & riots. He calmed the country down after the widespread riots and chaos when obummer/biden were in the White House. Americans don't want to go back to those terrible obummer years. They want the peace and greatness that Trump brought to America.

  • Hopefully the Federal authorities will charge this Treasonous thug with TREASON, SEDITION and ASSUALT WITH INTENT TO DO GREAT BODILY HARM!  Then maybe a federal judge will put him in Fort Leavenworth federal Prison for the rest of his days!

  • Wow.  Yes, also arrested in Oregon 7/18/2020

    JEREMY VAJKO arrested in Portland, Oregon
    Certain select jail rosters, preserved for posterity. Alameda County California Jail Roster, Champaign County Illinois Jail Roster,
    • Well, he's a piece of work!  Dirtbag!!! 


  • Biden is going to Kenosha how much money is the DNC paying the people to stand in line for his arrival 

    • $20.00 an hour..

  • And they get away with it ?   Soros $ is even working with law enforcement !

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