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A BLM protester who was arrested in Washington DC on Saturday night has also been at riots in Portland and Kenosha, police said on Monday, as they revealed they were looking into whether groups were being funded to travel to protest hot-spots.

Jeremy Vajko, 27, a Microsoft engineer, was arrested on Saturday night during violent clashes between police and protesters in the nation's capital.

The Metropolitan Police Department incident report into his arrest claims he was driving recklessly near the Hay Adams hotel and drove 'into a crowd of over one hundred individuals'.

He spent the night in jail and was released on Sunday. Prosecutors are not pursuing the case.

On Monday, police chief Peter Newsham referred to the van and said it had also been spotted in Portland and Kenosha.

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  • The dumbells should have held onto him and gotten information from him to find out who is funding him to travel from place to place to riot. If they really want to find out who the people are that are enabling these people they would stop letting them go and work harder in questioning them. Don't you think?

  • th picture above say it all he need to be in jail.

  • Are these protesters/rioters being tested for Covid-19, and if they have Hydroxychloroquine in their system? they could be a danger to other rioter/protesters.

    Like all marxist lemmings, once their usefulness has run out, the marxist/commies will put them all down, it is the way of the marxist utopians.

  • If these idiots had any grasp of history they would be scared to death.

  • I do not understand WHY we are ALLOWING these so called humans to burn and destroy our cities??!  Am I missing something?  If it were me, I'd be in jail!!!!

  • Shoot the Terrorist insurgents!...........It's time!!!

  • Arrest, water board, and see who's paying people like him. FOLLOW THE MONEY!


    • My money's on soros.

This reply was deleted.