BLM peaceful protesters in Wisconsin attempt to murder Black police officer and his girlfriend

Chants of “Black Lives Matter” were heard outside the home of Wauwatosa police officer Joseph Mensah’s girlfriend’s house Saturday night. Around 50-60 “peaceful protesters” began breaking windows, entering the premises, and shooting at Mensah and his girlfriend with firearms that included at least one shotgun. Mensah is Black. His girlfriend is Black. The children in the home that Black Lives Matter and Antifa “peaceful protesters” were shooting are black.

Cities in Wisconsin are starting to look more like Portland and Seattle as rampant anarchy rules the streets. Neither law enforcement or the people of these communities are safe. The violence and chaos is being perpetrated in the name of Black lives mattering, but the actions do not match the radical leftist rhetoric.

“Last night, protesters came to my girlfriend’s house while I was there, and tried to kill me, Mensah posted on Facebook. “I was unarmed and tried to defend my property and the property of my girlfriend. We were both assaulted, punched, and ultimately shot at several times. A shotgun round missed me by inches.”

Mensah has been involved in three shootings in his career, prompting the targeting of him specifically. But as a Black police officer, the narrative of racism being the root cause of violence against Black men by law enforcement doesn’t fit. Nevertheless, facts about crimes committed by African-American men are ignored in favor of the current leftist narrative. The race of the police officer involved is of no importance to these “peaceful protesters.”


After reaching out to Mensah for comment, he wrote Heavy through Facebook: “There is a difference between a peaceful protest, and a plan to trespass on private property with the intent to damage it. My girlfriend and I had every right to defend the property from those that trespassed on it. At the end of the day, protesters chose to come to that house, no one forced them to. They chose to stay, they chose to damage property, they chose to assault us. Their decision to come onto the porch, continue their assault on unarmed and defenseless police officers, and ultimately try kill me was their decision, and their decision alone. The incident is currently under investigation and the evidence will speak for itself.”

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  • this is a heavy-duty story all the way because the black lives matter is not about black people it's a hate group that wants attention to themselves.

  • IF he didn't have his service piece with him as police,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HE was in violation of policy.. "IF" you're a policeman you are required to carry @ all times.. "IT" dosen't matter even if you're in a grocery store.. I'D bet he has his service piece wi9th him next time!!!

    • Very true!!!

  • We need to get this news out! 

    The MSM sure won't do it- unless anyone here has seen an article about this- maybe the only newspapers would be a local paper reporting on it. BLM is a terrorist organization. I do believe that there are protesters (obviously, not the ones that showed up at this policeman's house) that want to protest police brutality- there are some cases, but 99% of police are good people- in a peaceful manner, but it I were them, I would not do it as part of a BLM protest. Awful! This poor policeman and his girlfriend!!

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