A mob of Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants forced a white man to crash his truck, then punched and kicked him unconscious, disturbing footage shows.

A series of clips on social media shows the victim being surrounded in his white truck at 10:30 p.m. Sunday as others attacked his wife, who was punched and even tackled to the ground during the violent melee.

“He didn’t do nothing!” someone could be heard calling as others punched the driver as he sat in his truck, which was also repeatedly kicked.

The unidentified driver eventually sped off, with the mob chasing him — with some heard loudly laughing when he crashed into a light pole, according to the clips.

He was dragged from the truck and tackled to the ground — getting repeatedly punched as he tried to call his wife while also pleading with his attackers as he sat on the ground, the videos show.

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  • Just another PEACEFUL PROTEST!!!! The double standard is intolerable.  They beat the guy, then ransack his hell with Floyd.......this kind of crap goes on daily.....and does not make the main stream news .  If he's white......NO BIGGY. Portland is a sh.thole and these progressive run cities are a disgrace......Get armed, and protect yourself.  NO POLICE, NO RESPONSE, NO SAFETY.  Forget about having POLICE PROTECTION.........THAT FANTASY IS LONG GONE.......ANTIFA MUST BE DECLARED A TERRORIST GROUP AND ARRESTED AT EVERY SINGLE EVENT. 

    • that is exactly what I mean "we are at war".

    • No, Jeff, the Left is at war... The President is safe at home with his secret service agents, signing Make America Great Hats for large donors to his campaign. When is the President going to defend the defenseless?

      How many people need to die or become permanently disabled before the President realizes the left has declared war ... and is waging asymmetrical warfare in our streets, as we speak.  Arrest the Mayors and Governors of those states who are aiding and abetting the violence, who are engaged in felony harboring in their sanctuary cities and states...

      How about doing your job Mr. President by faithfully executing the laws of the United States... How about firing AG Barr and all those implicated in the lawlessness in the Deep State working in the DOJ, FBI, DHS, DOD and Intel services.  AG Barr is obviously not doing his job...period.  Hillary is on a come back tour instead of in prison... what the 'H' is going on?

  • NEVER STOP FOR RIOTERS !!  Those rioters must be skinned alive!!

  • we are at war ladies and gentlemen the proof is in the pudding.

    • No the left is at war... Pres. Trump is to busy to be bothered with the war... he has hats to sign.

  • May have got to me but not without several of them having holes in their bodies they were not born with as I empty first clip and hopefully get to a second or my backup.

    • The sad thing is this...  If the white male had a weapon and used it he would probably be in jail right now... looking at serious criminal charges for defending himself and his wife. ... If he killed a person of color in self-defense he probably would be bankrupted and in jail for years fighting the charges... and probably losing the battle and going to prison.  It is just horrible that such events occur. 

      Recall the Attorney and his wife who simply brandished their weapons to warn off trespassing rioters... These rioters trespassed in a gated community and broke down their gate to gain access to the couple's home property. They would have assaulted the couple if they had not been armed,

      This couple is now defending themselves from a local prosecutor who brought felony weapons charges against them... an ordinary citizen would end up bankrupt defending against such insane charges... however, these individuals are wealthy and attorneys at law... so they will prevail but at great expense.

    • You are so right a colonel! It is horrible! 
      I thought the Governors plan was to pardon them if they were indicted!

    • Our governor is an idiot... you can't pardon someone before they are convicted... these two will not be convicted.  The charges are all about making it expensive to carry a weapon... the defense expenses would like bankrupt the average man.  It is about discouraging the use of firearms thru GOVERNMENT SPONSORED INTIMIDATION.

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