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    • If a real and imminent lethal threat to your life, or to the life of someone you are concerned for is made, you can employ lethal force justifiably. It is those who want to punish you for doing so that will make the effort to ruin your life through the court trial, justified or not. Remember, I am not a lawyer, just someone who loves truth.

  • They are so out of control now that nothing is going to work to restore peace except to just turn the guns on them when they attack and let them rip. There will be many bodies littering the street but it looks like it's headed in that direction. The time for talk is ended. No amount of talk is going to work. I wonder if that punk knows how many lives he will be responsible for killing. He probably doesn't even care, or his brain can't function that far.

    • No doubt, he can only count using both hands and both feet.

    • I have thought that, exactly. It is unreal to even think that, but this has gone on to a level that is unbelievable. No one doing a thing about it either. The silence is deafening. 

    • Jane, a truly sad state of affairs...You may be correct.  

  • He might find himself going black to red. 

  • Oh, John Sullivan will look so pretty in orange! I am sure he will make some lucky inmate a fine prison wife (once that mouthy jaw is broken a few times).

  • He is looking down the barrel with his finger on trigger to see if it is loaded.


  • I thought threatening the President was a felony.

    I must have the USA confused with some other country


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