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    • It is. The Democrats want a civil war.

  • This guy reminds of the 'Black Power' radicals. Let him come on my acreage with those threats and I will use my 30-06 with a scope aimed at his dirty heart. If that does not stop him and his horde my shotgun, with slugs, will send him back to hell from where he came.

  • It's time......lock and load!!

  • These ignorant creeps are so brain dead they cannot utter 3 words without the F word. It's digusting. He threatend the President so he better be locked up for a LONG time!!!

  •  This individual should be arrested and charged with threatening the President of the United States.   I believe they are indeed trying to start a revolution to overthrow our government and all these groups taking part in these riots should be investigated by the FBI.  I want to know who is paying for these people to protest?  Someone is providing them clothing, protective equipment, fire works, molotov cocktails and every type of armament being used against the police, businesses and innocent people. All of this costs lots of money.  Who is behind this and what is their motive.  These are the people who should be arrested and jailed and JAILED NOW!!!!

    • Soros and the Democrats/socialists/communites.  Not to mention all the luxury buses they are using to move them around.


    • !! SOROS !!

    • i AGREE WITH YOU 100% THAT I BELIEVE THAT GEORGE SOROS IS BEHIND ALL OF THIS!. AND THERE MAY BE OTHERS! .I am convinced that some in the Media ,some Democrats are also involved as well as some of the Hollywood Elite. Those complicit  must all be arrested.  But according to our laws, an investigation must be done by the FBI and then its findings and evidence  mut be referred to William Barr, Attorney General to prosecute.    Then it will go before a jury to convict and sentence George Soros and any others involved . But until that is done, all our beliefs no matter how accurate they are will not hold up in a court of law without evidence.  So anyone who has evidence should immediately give it to the FBI/

    • George Soros is working overtime to overthrow the United States Government and he must be arrested charged and executed for the attempted overthrow of our government along with all the district attorneys he placed into office!!

  • The Burn Loot Murder mob will be ripped out of America for their communist lawlessness and including Antifa!!!

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