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  • I say give it a go, idiot. I think there is a great army available to protect our President. These people are not playing with full deck.

  • It's time for him to go down!

  • This azzclown will be the first one to shyt himself when he realizes we shoot back. Bring it mr. bowel movements matter. You are a coward with a megahorn, boo! Run chicken little, run! 

  • This IDIOT does NOT realize that we conservatives have ALL the GUNS, so BRING IT FOOL!!!

  • WTF!!!! Second amendment time!!!!

  • This are the idiots that the courts are protecting guess what this is a "Government By the People " and they have no power in this country 

  • Just imagine if anyone had said this about Obama?!  Instant arrest!  These people think they're big and bad, and are clueless to what they will come face to face with if they cross OUR line. They have already crossed lines sufficient to jail them all for YEARS, but they are allowed to be thugs by complicit and intimidated, Democrat "Leaders". WE will not be so tolerant.

    • Those Democrat "Leaders" need to be tried and shot.


  • Oh, I would love to tell this dude, face to face - -"Come and get it, fella; I'm going to be part of your welcoming committee.  A welcome you'll remember, till you draw your last breath, which would be SOONER than later!"

  • It used to be legal for anyone to shoot a rioter. Why don't we go back to that?

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