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  • just think what is going to happen when the appeal gets a reversal based on a mistrial, a major travesty of "justice" as noted by the idiot judge that held the trial there so he could get his 15 minutes of fame!!!!!!!!!!

  • Time to attack them they are cowards they only attack you when they out number you.The time is to show them the true BLM don't care about black life if they did why are they letting all this unborn black life be killed 

  • He should have run them over!!!!

    • If the truck driver is smart he wouldn't stop.  Remember what happened to Reginald Denny.

  • No cops around?  Keep driving. These truck drivers are trying to get goods to the stores that we the people need. Do they know how stupid they look. The DEMS buddies.

  • Some Black people will never change, they are much too ignorant and racist!!

    • you can say that again and tell it all over America I am a black man and I approve of this statement.

  • Black folks have a tendency to want to be the center of attention.  The big man on the scene.  The smart one among all the dumb masses. 

  • If only he had some republicans in congress that had the guts to stand up to the democrats it would be great.  We have a bunch of whimps.  Most must be rino's.  Very few are fighting for Lady Liberty.


    • Walter, it isn't a lack of courage stopping the gop, it is complicity in tyranny!!!!!!!!!!


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