BLM/ANTIFA protestors closed several city blocks in downtown Minneapolis on Monday, establishing a presence as trial proceedings for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin began.

More than $1 million has been spent to erect fencing and security barriers on the part of the city of Minneapolis, which expects a new wave of left-wing rioting and destruction in the event that Chauvin is acquitted of killing George Floyd.

The protest occurred as legal authorities began jury selection in the trial of Chauvin, with potential jurors likely confronted with the protestors as they arrived at the Hennepin County Government Center. Jury selection was ultimately postponed for a day, with a judge waiting for the state court of appeals to determine if Chauvin should face charges of third-degree murder as opposed to second.

It’s expected that Chauvin’s legal defense team will point to evidence suggesting that Floyd died as the result of a fentanyl overdose, as opposed to Chauvin’s chokehold on the previously convicted violent felon. Chauvin’s lawyer will also cite training materials used by the Minneapolis Police Department that instructed officers to use knee chokeholds similar to that used by Chauvin.

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  • I've said it a hundred times, live ammunition and the will to use it on ANY "protest" of the trial.  It will only take ONE time to send the BLM cockroaches fleeing ......

  • Move the trial to another city

  • Time to hurt these animals 

    • YES!  They should be met with unmittegated force!  If not by the authorities, by the Partiotic civilians.


    • Please they are NOT poor animals they are STINKING human beings

  • What about that Sound System,you don`t get that kind of clarity,and across the spectrum clean Sound  ( in a Large croud ) for Cheap,So you Know there are Big Dollars HERE.That`s kind of Evil Too.

    • Or the microwave system!


  • ALL part of the CCP, Sorry Ass Soros & the DEEP STATE! They are trying push Their One World, Communist Agenda on Real Americans'! Don't fall for this racist guilt trip! It's ALL BULLSHIT like Daddy O'Biden!!

  • They need to move this trial to another location, without telling the world about it.  No matter what the truth is,  the anarchists will continue their violent and dangerous behavior.  The truth doesn't matter here as Colonel Nelson indicated.  He was an addict with a bad ticker - no great loss to anyone except maybe his family who is now demanding much money from the BLM for their "terrible loss"!

    Bah, humbug!

  • Drugs found in the police car with Floyd's DNA. It's about to turn. Also, anyone see the interview with Judge Joe Brown? He said the whole incident was planned....Floyd was a part of the plan.

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