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  • Said all along start shooting these creeps and they will run for the hills. But it seems NOBODY has the GUTS to do it

  • When is President Trump going to give the order to shoot these terrorists? I don't understand how these are supposed to be for black lives matter when most of these people are WHITE! This shit can't be allowed to go on much longer or people are going to be killed. Portland's mayor just told the demonstrators to keep it up. This man(?) belongs in prison!

  • Any damage to piublic properties and private businesses due to the childishness of these useless snowflakes should be paid for by the city, county and state taxes, forcing the state government to raise taxes. If you are going to let the children run rampant in and on your state, then let the state taxpayers reap the consequences,

    • I think the little domestic terrorist pukes should have to pay to have the statues replaced or repaired, along with the cleanup of their mess, all property damage they caused, the cost of looting & hospital & doctor bills for any injuries caused to civilians & police officers... even if it takes the rest of their lives!   Whenever they miss a payment for their ignorant rampage they can spend a week in jail & pay the cost for their food, shelter & orange jump suits at the Gray Bar Hotel. 




  • The people who were arrested supposedly getting 10 years in federal prison for doing it. Solution give them 10 years so the rest will think twice before doing it.

  • When is this CRAP going to end?!!? Quite frankly if anybody yelled shame on me I'd have laugh in their face! First I have NO shame & secondly I'm not 2 years old. Plus laughing in someone's face pretty much guarantees I'll be taking one for the team, but the attacker will be headed for lock up. I have found laughing & blowing kisses actually enrages those types....thereby giving me the upper hand! Who the F do these snot nosed little punks think they are?

    • Just tell them by the power and authority of the Blood of Jesus Christ I rebuke you in Jesus name!!

    • AMEN

  • The police should have come with guns 'ablazin''!!

    • Start sending SOG teams in to clean up this mess!!!

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