• This 17 year old hero showed us what one person with a rifle can do.  Now imagine a couple of hundred of shooters perched in apartments and on roofs.  Riots?  You're in the crowd; you're a legitimate target.

    • This kid was well trained, that's why he survived, he had the skills, he was able to focuse and recognize danger to his life because he was trained, he was thinking clearly in the moment of threat! If he was just a kid with a gun, the outcome would have been completely different! 

      I can imagine a couple of hundred shooters on roves and in apartments, and not one of them would be able to claim or prove self defence!
      You can't just perch and start taking out people.....insane! What would help you choose which in the crowd to shoot? Their color, what they are wearing, or just take out those who set the fire, and are looting? How could you tell which are the good guys when they're pointing guns at each other?

    • Oh really, trained says you.  How exactly would you know that?  At 17 years of age did he already go through Marine Boot camp?  Exactly who trained him? 

      As for how one pick targets in such a target rich envirnoment as a riot.  That's easy.  You acquire the easy, sure ones first and keep moving from target to target as quickly as you can acquire them.  How, the lady asks, in her complete naivety do you choose the targets determine good guys and bad guys?  Well, if they are in the crowd, they are enemy and legitimate targets and that would include the enemy, media crews who aren't on our side, OBTW.  Themedia is there to promote and broadcast the fear the mob generates.  Submit or this will be your community next.  Good guys are at home, not rioting in the streets.  Liberal kids out for a thrill, watching on the margins are in fact participating, they are criminal participants and they give legitimacy to the criminals. 

      I could only wish for a couple hundred shooters as you suggest.  I'd say three sniper teams of two, or even lone shooters in different locations would be enough to dismniss any crown and especially, if they had small back up teams to transport and protect them.  If you were to try hard enough you could probably think of an intelligent question, like how long before the police sweeps would begin once the American public found their balls and began to protect themselves?  How long before the first FBI team arrived to begin investigationg?  That's because the real enemy is our own government and the Soros types that put these thugs to burning and looting.  You are always on about your experience under thecommunists in Hungry, but if you studied history you see these street tactics are exactly what fascists and despots used in Germany and Italy pre WW2.  It's brown shirt thugery.   

      As for your assertion that the kid was well trained, you are just showing your ignorance  Anyone who has had any training, or has talked to anyone who has had any training would never let anyone get close enough to grab is rifle in the first place, much less to kick him in the head.  The kid had enough balls and sense to finally start shooting and shooting to kill and that's what kept him alive.  America should elect him to office as soon as he is old enough and wins enough money to become independently rich

    • mlopez, I think Ilona knows history much better than most. She has lived history, witnessed history many of America have not. Her questions are valid and her experience speaks volumes. Perhaps her war training is not in field tactics but I also question the sense of shooting whatever moves because they are there. Kyle was there to defend, not destroy. He did the right thing by trying to distance himself from unprovoked attacks, though he clearly had an advantage. What human is able to deflect every attack, except Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? I too want to see this violence and BS answered with overwhelming force. But Ilona makes valid arguments, and not because she is naive.

    • Listen, I was not attacking Illona.  I was answering and critiquing her statements, one by one.  Something neither she, nor you have done. 

      We have all lived history.  Each of has had experiences.  That doesn't mean that the lessons and conclusions some of us come to are right, or not to be questioned, or evaluated.  Horrendous experiences often make for inaccurate, future judgments. 

      Shooters in an assertive posture are also there to defend.  Rioters burning and looting are the aggressors.  I did not espouse going to a peaceful demonstration and opening fire randomly.  "Every city every town, every precinct; burn it down"  That's today's chant and that's anarchy and revolution.  That's a threat.  I didn't say shoot whatever moves because they are there.  You said that.  I did not.

      When you march with violent anarchists and rioters you are a part of the mob.  If that concept bothers you, that's your problem.   You too want pie in the sky, but pie in the sky doesn't exist and it won't save you.  Overwhelming force by the authorities didn't come and it isn't coming in the future either.  Maybe you've noticed that and then, maybe you haven't?  Obviously I am not trying to communicate to people unable and unwilling to defend themselves.  Your friend llona doesn't make valid arguments and you have not refuted a single point I made in criticizing her.  I don't care to assert, if she is wrong or naieve, or crazy.  I didn't say she is a bad person, but she is definitely wrong.  And OBTW, so are you.  Only force can counter force.  Riots and violent, unruly and unauthroized mobs are violence against law and order.  We are always within our God given rights to defend ourselves and our property.  That's why we establish governments.  

  • We the People welcome you to war because we are fighting for freedom not Marxist 

  • In response to comments about why the BLM is not put down, I expect it is because allowing the police to do their jobs will result in full scale war on police and deaths of many. Yes, it is a war of BLM taunting until they are given the return of violence that they so desire and greater carnage as they feel empowered to greater levels of violence . The governing forces are allowing things to get to that level, if not encouraging and empowering them. And so the people suffer and come under the rule of fear. Though Kyle came away with justice, the wicked are not yet through with him. It is all about intimidation so that patriots will not dare revolt.

  • Waring against the US Government! This should be put down with the most extreme show of force the Federal Government can muster. Time to bring these socialist revolutionists to justice. 

    • This not our government. It is a cabal of traitors and tyrants with fewer than a dozen who are Patriots. 

    • As far as I see, less than a dozen. 

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